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Ask your question[edit | edit source]

Choose a proper name
Do not name your questions like, "Help! I am stuck" or "Confusing question what to do?"
Think of what your question is about.
For example, if your question is "The tangent PT and the normal PN to the parabola y2 = 4ax at a point P on it meet its axis at points T and N, respectively. The locus of the centroid of the triangle PTN is a parabola whose..." Let the title of your question be Question on parabola, tangents and axis itersection, locus of some orthocentre in it..." Give us an idea of what the question is about...!
Another example, if your question is "What is a nucleophile's role in SN1 reaction?" then go ahead, let the titel of your question be just that... "the role of a nucleophile in SN1 reaction.". Simple. Just use your common sense - you've got loads!
Please DO NOT USE PUNCTUATION MARKS in your question. No exclamations, commas or slashes. Hyphens and underscores are okay.