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Modern Greek pronunciation is rather simple and straightforward. It basically consists of five vowels (written in various ways to follow the etymological origin of the word) and 28 consonants.

The vowels are represented in this way: α-Α ε-Ε αι-ΑΙ ι-Ι η-Η οι-ΟΙ υ-Υ ει-ΕΙ ο-Ο ω-Ω ου-ΟΥ

The stress is indicated by an accent mark written on the vowel. if the sound is represented by two vowels this mark will be written on the second of them. In diphthongs like e+i, or a+i if the stress falls on the first of the vowels we just place the accent mark on it and then pronouncing both sounds distinct from each other. If the stress falls somewhere else in the word, the separation of both sounds is made by placing a dieresis on top of the second vowel. e.g. μαϊμού, μπέιμπι

βγδεζηθικλμνξοπρστυφχψω ντ γκ μπ νι λι