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This is a course on Food in Antiquity, main learning material is a database of images of food from Antiquity that can be connected to original Latin and Ancient Greek texts. A great tool for all interested in Classics, and everybody is welcome to participate. There are tons of Roman mosaics all over Europe, Asia and Africa depicting food and many of them remain obscure. There are also frescoes, pottery designs, and many other things that languish in the corners of various museums without proper attention. However, if we combine our efforts and bring them to light trying to match them with extant texts we will enrich our understanding of both texts and images alike and create a fabulous learning resource for Classics and Food History alike. Upload relevant pictures you might have taken during the trips, giving credit to the places of origin and try to match them with quotations from our sources.

Wikimedia gives us amazing tools for such a project, we can use links to Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wictionary, Wikispecies and even Wikivoyage sister sites to expand the commentary on every image and related quote, a luxury previous students of Classics never had. So, dextro pede, let's start.

Foods[edit | edit source]

Bread and cereals[edit | edit source]
Fish and seafood[edit | edit source]

Murena/muraena moray eel, especially Muraena helena

Fowl and eggs[edit | edit source]
Fruit[edit | edit source]
  • dates [[[Wikipedia:Date palm#Dates|Date palm#Dates]]]

/Dates and figs fresco, Herculaneum

  • figs [[[Wikipedia:Common fig|Common fig]]]

/Dates and figs fresco, Herculaneum

  • pomegranates [[[Wikipedia:Pomegranate|Pomegranate]]]

/Pomegranate mosaic, Tarragona

Meat, milk and cheese[edit | edit source]
  • deer
Oil and olives[edit | edit source]
Spices and condiments[edit | edit source]
Vegetables and pulses[edit | edit source]
Wine and other liquids[edit | edit source]

glass goblet with (possibly) wine or honey on /Dates and figs fresco, Herculaneum

Images[edit | edit source]

Frescoes[edit | edit source]

Italy[edit | edit source]

Herculaneum[edit | edit source]
House of the Deer[edit | edit source]

/Dates and figs

Spain[edit | edit source]


/Hunting deer, Tarragona

Mosaics[edit | edit source]

Italy[edit | edit source]

/Fish mosaic, Aquileia

England[edit | edit source]

France[edit | edit source]

Germany[edit | edit source]

Greece[edit | edit source]

Spain[edit | edit source]


/Pomegranate mosaic, Tarragona

Cyprus[edit | edit source]

Israel[edit | edit source]

Turkey[edit | edit source]

Syria[edit | edit source]

Algeria[edit | edit source]

Egypt[edit | edit source]

Morocco[edit | edit source]

Tunis[edit | edit source]

Unknown[edit | edit source]

Texts[edit | edit source]

Greek[edit | edit source]

Latin[edit | edit source]

Apicius[edit | edit source]

Martial[edit | edit source]

Martial, Epigrams, book 13 - Xenia

Ovid[edit | edit source]

Ovid, Fasti