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The spotting session

First Scene

Cue 1 - Making the Green Tea Smoothing
Mood: In a hurry
After watching the scene, I realize that everyone is in a hurry in the first scene. Therefore, I want to start the scene with the mood of "being in a hurry".
Also, I know that there is no dialog so I can be as loud as I want. That means I can use a song if I want. But the song must have the mood of being in a hurry.

Cue 2 - The man enters the room
Mood: In a hurry
I continue the mood of being in a hurry because the man is yelling.
If he were talking in a normal speaking voice, I cannot have any loud music. But in this case, I can still be very loud and the man will still be heard.
I end this music when the audience sees the man holding the glass. (+01:00:24:00)

Cue #3 - The man looks at the glass
Mood: Dancing fairies!
I want the audience to think that this is the best drink in the whole world. Therefore, I use a delicate rhythm which sounds like dancing fairies. Because it is light and delicate, the man's words can still be clearly heard.
End just after he says, "All I need is a straw." (+01:00:30:00)

Cue #4 - Silence
Mood: Awkward silence
I want the audience to feel uncomfortable. Therefore, I start with a single note on the violin (the last note of the delicate rhythm) and slowly add a second sour note. I end the scene with a quick oriental-sounding melody of about 8 notes.

Scene 2

Cue #5 - the man's entrance
Mood: Not in a hurry
The man feels awkward giving his guest the drink without a straw. Therefore he is NOT in a hurry any more. I would use the same tune that I used at the beginning but make it very short, slow and awkward. All music ends when the man begins to speak.

Cue #6 - The guest reaches for a straw
Mood: A brilliant idea
Even though you do not see it in the man's face, he has a brilliant idea and reaches for the straw. Even just a tiny bell sound might indicate something strange and wonderful is about to happen. Starts at (+02:00:32:00)

Cue #7 - The guest begins to sip
Mood: The mystery of the orient
I want to indicate that something unusual is about to happen. Hence something oriental sounding starting at (+02:00:41:00). Slowly fade away at (+02:00:50:00).
No music for the the man's dialog about getting to work.

Cue #8 - The guest resumes sipping (+02:01:14:00)
Mood: The mystery of the orient
Now I continue the mystery of the orient music and even expand on it.

Cue #9 - The man is confused (+02
Mood: Confusion and even fear
I want something to sound not right. Therefore, I will use a sour chord playing very softly in the background so the man can say his lines without the music drowning out the dialog. End at (+02:01:36:00)

Cue #10 - The guest resumes sipping (+02:01:55:00)
Mood: The anger of the orient
Now I continue the mystery of the orient music with a slight angry mood. This continues to the end of the scene.

Cue #11 - The man is still confused (+02:01:14:00)
Mood: Confusion
I end the scene with both Cue #10 and Cue #11 playing. The man is confused and the guest is oriental and defiant.
Yet another scene
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