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Disney Shaltz

Follow Foot Path to Villain[edit]

Fib was at Holly desert, Standing until, Fib`s partner, Jossy showed up.”Chief Holton said that we have to catch a villain, and he said to follow the Foot Path to the villain” said Jossy, “The Foot path looks swirly and purple”, later, when Fib and Jossy showed up at the Foot Paths, they saw 3 paths. “Now what” said Fib, “Remember, the Foot Path I told you was swirly and purple” said Jossy, “Let`s go on the 2nd path” said Fib, “No that`s.. A red and blue path” said Jossy, When Fib was walking on the red and blue path, Fib saw a door, and Fib threw a ball at the door. Fib got knocked from the golf balls, “Okay, I know it`s wrong now” said Fib, “Let`s go on the 3rd path” said Jossy, when Jossy and Fib was running on the swirly and purple, they saw a door, When Jossy open the door, POW!, “The villain is here” said Jossy. “Hello Jossy and Fib, I bin coming and waiting for you 2” said the villain. “You’re the one who should get in big trouble” said Fib, Fib and Jossy got up and kick the villain and punch, slap even squirt water, later, “You’re under arrested” said Jossy. “I`ll have revenge on you 2, I`m getting revenge” said the villain, “Ya!” said Jossy and Fib, later, “You 2 did a good job” said Chief Holton “Now the villain is back in jail”. “What was his name” said Fib, “His name was Ray Manhattan” said Chief Holton.

Where’s Jossy[edit]

Fib was at HQ double. Fib was sitting in the hot sand. Then Chief Holton said, “Do you know where Jossy is? I have to call him to travel to Moscow” “Maybe he`s lost”. “Don`t say that, he`s a partner of mine an I`m going to find him” said Fib covering Chief Holton`s mouth. At Picksown`s yard, Fib and Chief Holton got scared “hush” said Fib, Fib tip-toed, until, CHHH!, “Who`s in my yard” yelled a voice, “It`s Picksown” said Fib, “Run” yelled Chief Holton, Fib and Chief Holton ran away on time, “And don`t come back” yelled Picksown, At Hamilton`s picnic basket, Chief Holton and Fib crawled inside the basket, then. Chief Holton and Fib felt shaking, but, a GIGGLE GIG and a HAHAHA. “what`s in here,” said Hamilton “I hope it`s not Susie`s Mouse”, Hamilton looked inside the basket, “Oh no” said Fib, Hamilton put his hand in and tried to slap Fib and Chief Holton, “Get out” said Hamilton, At Wooden Park, Fib opened the grass and saw Jossy and Kate. “What are you doing here” said Chief Holton “I was playing with Kate” said Jossy, “What, you need me to go to Moscow”, at the Pacific Ocean, “Goodbye Jossy” said Fib, “Goodbye” said Jossy “I`m going to miss him” said Chief Holton.


Fib was at HQ double, “What happened to the LS shoot-inator” said Chief Holton, “And where`s my laser- otronic” said Fib, “It`s in the back of the door outside” said Chief Holton. “Maybe I can get my know- everything-inator” said Fib, “Oh no, that`s gone to”, “Maybe I`ll find Jossy” said Fib, When Fib walked for a long time, “Where`s Jossy now” said Fib “JOSSY!” “JOSSY!” “JOSSY!” “Maybe I just have to go on my car”, later, “Where is Jossy” said Fib, Fib saw a door, and Fib opened the door, Fib saw a girl having a dress and a pants and a kings crown, “I can`t explain” said the girl, When Fib drive on the car, Fib saw 2 cars, “Get out of the way” said Fib, Ahh, “People always bug me”. When Fib stopped at HQ double, Then Chief Holton said “Where`s the Knowto-station”. “Don`t your remember, you threw it away” said Fib, “Oh Ya” said Chief Holton “Then where’s my umbrella” said Chief Holton, “In Worksester`s shop” said Fib. Fib and Chief Holton got on the car and went, until. Fib saw a door “Open it” said Chief Holton, Fib opened the door and saw 2 villains, Man Joho and Ray Manhattan, “Why did you steel everything” said Fib, “Aaah I don`t know” said Man, later, “Your in prison” said Chief Holton, AT HQ DOUBLE, “Where`s L/O/P” said Fib.