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Corrie Wingard
Born Corrie Wingard
06 Oct 1908
Dutch Fork, South Carolina, United States of America
Died Feb 1985
Other names Daisy White
Occupation Domestic Servant
Religion United House of Prayer for All People
Spouse Isaac Robinson


Early Life[edit]

Wingard was born on October 12, 1908 as the oldest of 10 children.

Daisy White is a domestic servant who grew up in Dutch Fork, South Carolina. She was the oldest of ten children, and lived in Mr. Younginer’s estate. Her mother cooked for Mr. Younginer’s family while her father and siblings picked cotton. During her time with Mr. Younginer, she did not have to worry much about her living conditions because food and shelter were guaranteed. However, due to her role as a servant, she didn’t not receive much education. She could only read and write a little. White was 31 years old when the interview was conducted and had two daughters, one was three years old and the other was nine years old.

Education and Adult Life[edit]

History of the Black Church[edit]

Newberry County, South Carolina. View of (African-American) church in thinly populated areas of New . . . - NARA - 522785