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                                              ENGLISH AS A GLOBAL LANGUAGE


350 million people in the world choose English as a first language and more than 430 million people choose it as a second language.English language brings other country people or other state people come closer to us or everyone in the society.

     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YDGxVNuxO0 (you can watch this video for better understanding)

Initially,English was not a necessary language but recently it has been spreading its importance throughout the world.whoever we see,they start talking in english so we can say that English language is a compulsory as well as considered as a global and international language in the world. India is having a unity in Diversity of many cultures and their languages define the beauty and national pride of our country. It is commonly said that a language of a country equals its identity.Wherever we go,we can see the importance of English language,even grab and influenced by the language. even we can see the perfect english language in the subject of english literature which has the novels,poems,essays written by the famous authors,writers etc.we can realise the importance of english by the number of publication of the books written in english.English is really a very important language in this generation,even the small child is able to talk in english.Mainly,we can see the importance of English language in many cities such as banglore,hyderabad,mysore,calcutta etc..even the shopkeeper starts talking in english if we go to buy something.


English language is very important in business matters such as marketing business or anyother business issue.English language is influencing everyone in the world.if we go to the unknown place,if we know english language we can deal anymatter or any issue with those country people.Even the spoken english classes are available in the places,if u join in that u will get an idea as to what the language actually is..

“English is the world’s most compulsory language.” It is surely the  the world’s most widely used language. It is spoken by many people 800,000,000 by a conservative appraise 1,500,000,000 by a liberal appraise. It has official status in over 60 countries. 150 million people use English fluently as a foreign language. English is also the language of international air traffic control, and the principal language of world publishing, science and technology etc..

The Significance of Learning English:

English may not be spoken language in the world, but it is an official language in a large number of countries. It is also very important for whom works in global workforce because English is the language of business in world, so it had become necessary for people to speak English. Another reason for learning English is that many of the world's top films, music and books are published and produced in English. Therefore by learning English, you will be able to have a great understanding of those.And also most of the content produced on the internet is in English.

Here are a few interesting and shocking facts about the language.
   1)The English language as we know it evolved in the 14th century.It’s difficult to count the number of words in the English language but a new word is added every two hours to the dictionary.
   2)The vowel ‘e’ is the most used letter in the English language.A sentence that uses every alphabet in the English language is called a pangram. For example, “We promptly judged antique ivory buckles for the next prize.”the word ‘pronunciation’ is one of the most mispronounced words in the English language.
   3)English is a mandatory language if you aspire to have a career in international aviation.As a pilot or crew on international flights, you must be able to speak English.While English is an easy language to learn, the longest word in the dictionary can leave even the most fluent speakers of English speechless.
   4)After the U.S, India has the highest number of English language speakers in the world.