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Narmer[edit | edit source]

Aha[edit | edit source]

Horus Aha Meni (Abydos King list)

  • Tomb B19-B15-B10: the tomb of Aha at Abydos.
  • Attested in mastabas 3357 and 3036 in Saqqara. [1]

Djer[edit | edit source]

Horus Djer Iti (Abydos King list)

  • Tomb O and funerary enclosure in Abydos (the tomb and funerary complex of the king)
  • Saqqara mastabas 2185, 3471, 3035 (Hemaka), 3503, and 3506


Djet[edit | edit source]

Horus Wadji Iterti? (Abydos King list)

Den[edit | edit source]

Horus Dewen Khasti/Zemti? (Abydos King list)

Anedjib[edit | edit source]

Horus Andjib Merpibia? (Abydos King list)

Semerkhet[edit | edit source]

Horus Semerkhet Iri-Nebti (Abydos King list)

Qa'a[edit | edit source]

Horus Qa'a Qa'a-Nebti (Abydos King list)

Other rulers from the first dynasty[edit | edit source]

Horus Ba? Horus Seneferka

Hotepsekhemwy[edit | edit source]

Raneb[edit | edit source]

Ninetjer[edit | edit source]

Seth-Peribsen[edit | edit source]

Khasekhemwy[edit | edit source]