Cities of the World Activity (TESOL)

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Level[edit | edit source]


Activity Type[edit | edit source]

Whole class

Language Structures and Functions[edit | edit source]

  • Structures: -Wh questions (Where?)
  • Functions: Asking for and giving information

Estimated Time Required[edit | edit source]

10-15 minutes

Preparation[edit | edit source]

Copy enough slips (see Appendix) so that each student receives one. Make sure that there is a fair distribution of Student A and Student B slips.

Activity Plan[edit | edit source]

  • Warm-up: Ask Ss the whereabouts of a city in their country (e.g. Where is Tokyo?). Write the question on the board and elicit answer from Ss.
  • Step 1: Split Ss into two groups. One group is Student A and one group is Student B.
  • Step 2: Hand out slips to Ss. Explain that Student A has the name of a city and Student B has the name of a country. Student A must ask Student B the whereabouts of their city. Student B responds with, "It's in ___" if the city is located in the country that is on his slip. If the city is not located on Student B's slip, then he responds, "It's not in ___", saying the name of the country on his slip. If the city does not match the country, Student A must ask another Student B the question. This continues until all Ss have matched (or believe they have matched) the cities to their respective countries. If there are an odd number of Ss, put the extra S in group A (two A Ss will match with one B student)


Student A (New York): Where is New York?

Student B (China): It's not in China. Student A (finds a new partner): Where is New York?

Student B (Australia): It's not in Australia.

Student A (finds a new partner): Where is New York? Student B (United States): It's in the United States. (Ss believe they have a match and sit down)''

  • Step 3: After Ss have sat down, elicit answers from the various groups and write the answer on the board.


Teacher: Where is New York?

(Member from New York group raises hand): It's in the United States.

(Teacher writes "New York is in the United States" on the board)

Variations[edit | edit source]

Appendix[edit | edit source]



New York

United States







Cape Town

South Africa