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===Problem Statement=== CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED Bridges Phase II: The principle purpose of the second portion of this project is to actually build and load test the spaghetti bridge that was designed in the 1st portion of the project. Based on the design rules, the the bridge was designed to support the maximum amount of weight possible. It is our intent to document the entire process of building the bridge creating a tutorial for the best method of creating a strong bridge with a strong bonding method to support and or exceed the maximum load amount. Please see the "Summary" for additional information regarding the specifications of the bridge as it was design and the method that will be used for load testing.

Team Members[edit]

Di Zhang
Syed Sami Ahmed


The focus of the project is to actually build and load test the pasta bridge that was design in the previous project. In addition to that, we will document the entire process in an attempt to create a tutorial for the process/strategy of gluing the pasta pieces of the bridge together to create a strong bond. This tutorial can potentially be used as a source of information for future teams attempting to design a pasta bridge and eliminate the frustration of trying to figure out the correct method of bonding the pasta pieces in such a manner that will actually contribute to the overall strength of the bridge. We have used previous design max loads as a standard for our design and will follow the plans created for putting the bridge together. Each week our team will meet to work on the completion of the build as it will take quite a bit of precision to get it done. The progress of the project can be viewed via the links below of the Team Weekly Reports.

Team Weekly Reports[edit]

Week 0 (October 09 - October 15, 2011)


Link to pictures:

Glue gun Hot Glue spaghetti Connected spaghettis Connected spaghettis_2 Connected spaghettis_3 Type of spaghettis used for Test [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]


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Material List[edit]

Link to Glue gun tips Link to Zita Spaghetti Link to another long spaghetti

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