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Bloom clock participants with digital cameras can take pictures of plants that they're unfamiliar with and load the images to Wikiversity for identification.


  • Load images even if they're poor or small (cellphone cameras are fine).
  • When the plant is identified, the image might be suitable for uploading to commons if it's good quality and/or commons doesn't already have a photo.
  • If there's better photos on commons, we'll just delete the photo and replace its thumbnail with the commons one (it's probably best not to upload low-quality photos to commons).
  • We may in the future have quizzes each week to "test your knowledge", using the photos. (See Plant identification for details).

To add a photo just add the following to the bottom of the page, replacing "IMAGENAME" with the name of your photo (don't add [[Image:IMAGENAME]] or Image:Imagename ... just the actual name of the file!)

| First image = IMAGENAME
| Second image = 
| Binomial = 
| Common name = 
| Wikipedia = 
| Wikibooks = 
| Commons = 

December, 2006[edit]

What plant is this?

January 2007[edit]

Unidentified, from Devon, UK, January.

What plant is this?
Unknown flower 1.jpg
Unknown shrub.jpg

March 2007[edit]

What plant is this?

What plant is this?

April 2007[edit]

What plant is this?

What plant is this?