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However it may contain statements which the community may wish to discuss in order to achieve a higher level of consensus.

The term article is used on Wikiversity in the sense of "encyclopedia article". The "academic article" is known as a paper (or academic paper) on Wikiversity. An article must adhere to the neutral point of view and is a collaborative effort, just as Wikipedia articles are. In general, Wikipedia is the right place to put articles. However there are exceptions - see below.

Distinguished from related resource types[edit | edit source]

  • Papers: a paper is an academic article or academic paper (or draft thereof) which has been published or is being drafted on Wikiversity. A paper typically reflects the work and views of a single individual or of a closed group of authors. A paper may be commented on and discussed by any Wikiversity contributor.
  • Lectures: many Wikiversity contributors from universities and similar tertiary institutions have chosen to structure their contributions as "courses" consisting of "lectures", "assignments" and some other components. A lecture may appear very similar to an article and is distinguished by its context. Context means: it is linked into a course as a lecture belonging to that course. The distinction is important, because not all articles are acceptable on Wikiversity (normally they belong on Wikipedia). A lecture, unlike an article, is an educational resource which can remain on Wikiversity regardless of its topic.
  • Essays: an essay, like a paper, reflects the work and views of a single individual or of a closed group of authors and may be commented on and discussed by any Wikiversity contributor. It may be one of the following:
    • an opinion piece of writing which is not on a sufficiently "academic" topic to be considered an "academic paper", or where the degree of formality is lower than a paper, or where the author simply prefers the designation "essay";
    • a piece of writing set as an assignment in a course.

When are articles acceptable on Wikiversity?[edit | edit source]

In general, it is not good practice if Wikimedia projects start crossing over onto each other's "territory". Books go on Wikibooks, news goes on Wikinews, and encyclopedia articles go on Wikipedia. On the other hand, a certain degree of overlap may be acceptable where justified.

Definitely unacceptable: simply copying and pasting Wikipedia articles into Wikiversity. However judiciously quoting shorter and longer segments (with attribution of source) is fine.

Articles composed especially for Wikiversity are probably acceptable when they are on topics related to Wikiversity's educational mission. Educational articles on Wikiversity may go into greater detail than Wikipedia, or aim at a more specialised reader.

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