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Wikiversity Journal is a chronologically ordered collection of works that have undergone the process of Wikiversity peer review. Compared to conventional scientific journals, Wikiversity Journal offers a greater transparency throughout the whole process, from peer review to final version, it aims to achieve scientific articles of great quality. Thereby, Wikiversity Journal avails for editors to not only summarize existing human knowledge, but also to build upon it. Wikiversity Journal should basically function as a repository of evidence, similarly to the way Wikidata functions as a repository of data for Wikimedia projects. Currently, Wikiversity Journal is mainly focused on acquiring articles containing media (such as images) that can enrich Wikipedia articles.

Wikiversity Journal avails for researchers to contribute to Wikimedia projects in a a way that may feel more familiar. The other way around, it also assigns standardized reference formats to included works, making it easier for external scientific sources to use and cite Wikimedia works.

Journals in this group[edit]

Wikiversity Journal of Medicine offers both peer review and publication for free.