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Lesson 1: Introduction to Performance art


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Resource Title Artist Year Gallery Location
Marta Minujín Leyendo las noticias1.jpg
]] photo prise lors de l'action Coyote, I like America, America likes me de Joseph Beuys; Joseph Beuys traveled to the United States in 1974 and performed an action entitled "I like America and America Likes Me" at the René Block Gallery in New York. The action actually began at Kennedy Airport, where friends wrapped him in felt and transported him to the gallery in an ambulance. Beuys then spent several days in a room with only a felt blanket, a flashlight, a cane that looked like a shepherd's staff, copies of the Wall Street Journal (which were delivered daily), and a live coyote. Joseph Beuys 1974 René Block Gallery New York
Pussy Riot by Igor Mukhin.jpg
11 January 2012