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Exam Schedule

  • Wednesday tests: 27 Jan  | 24 Feb  |  23 Mar  |  13 Apr
  • Final exam: 10:15-12:15 Monday, April 27, 2016

Course Materials

Projects[edit | edit source]

Bell's theorem[edit | edit source]

Hooke's Law[edit | edit source]

Three of you will be using spring scalses to collect data to reproduce the graph at File:Force versus strain 0.512 gram per meter string.png. Photograph your efforts. You may refer to, but will not be asked to write into Physics and Astronomy Labs/Hooke's law and Young's modulus. The effort is divided into two projects: Lakeratatat will develop a journal article, and the others will be doing the experiment. Each of you is permitted (but not required) to participate in the "other" projects.

Boyle's Law lab[edit | edit source]

Develop page at Gases and gas laws/Boyle's law lab by writing detailed instructions at the top of the article. Photograph your steps, and write the instructions on the first section of the page, which I have reserved for you. Later, we will deal with the calculation of pressure.

Roster[edit | edit source]

  1. Lakeratatat T v: w: b: c: log.S - {{{3}}}
    Editable ray diagram of eye v0.svg
  2. Maopageantgirl T v: w: b: c: log.S - {{{3}}}
    Golden fronted leafbird.jpeg
  3. NM96 T v: w: b: c: log.S - {{{3}}}
    Red shoes.jpg
  4. CRS1965 T v: w: b: c: log.S - {{{3}}}
    Greendale Gill - geograph.org.uk - 842544.jpg