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I once observed that the "Talk Page" (i.e. Discuss) format works for edits, but sometimes breaks down when the discussions get complex. After a particularly contorted Wikiversity discussion, I decided that people should discuss items in separate subpages.

If you create a parallel subpage, think of it as a hybrid between a user page, where edits are discouraged, and a regular page, where edits are encouraged. Feel free to place comments on this "my" subpage. Even comments in opposition are welcome. But extended discussion belongs on your own page.

Current thoughts[edit source]

UnderConstruction.svg See Wright_State_University_Lake_Campus/Mock_Course_101a

Archived thoughts[edit source]

If your position evolves, consider blanking previous essays and linking to them for archival purposes.

References and footnotes[edit source]

  1. My initial reaction to our inability to install suffered from a full understanding of the situation. As I explored the issue, it became apparent that there were valid reasons not to install this extension on Wikiversity, the most important being that they were extremely busy perfecting the system on Wikipedia. I still like the essay because it predicts a future for Wikiversity, which while not likely, is not impossible either.