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An attempt to conceptualise the covid-19 development in contradiction with any other morphogenetic cell by virtue of its reactions and in the vague of its complications in arresting and trying a method of eliminating its raising up from host without liquidising it directly but making itself to liquidate self has been narrated. Early presumptions regarding the COVID-19 infection strategy went to attribute its silence prevailing over initial period to copyover of genetic transcriptions of hostcell through its RNA interaction with host cell DNA messages intercepted .This enables COVID-19 to maintain similarity in its RNA configuration found in host cell as well to protect itself against its identification distinguished from host cell immunity.Once it assumes integrity with hostcell, it just waits until the differentiation process starts up in hostcell as usual or by way of increasing immunity.When the differentiation starts up ,the nucleus of COVID-19 bubbles into particles uniborne with signal but seperated only physically through nano distance and by this action it gets access to more no of HOSTCELLS.The individual portions after entering individual hostcells raiseup to live as individual COVID-19 nucleus with disintegration of hostcell DNA INTO RNA of COVID-19 instead of transformation of same into mRNA of normal cell in regular differntiation supposed.It is deformed differentiation in support of COVID-19 rather than normal differentiation to form new fully developed hostcells. So, semi developed cell resume its contact with its associate of differntiated new cell to disintegrate its protein process by stopping some Growth factor leading to appearance of FAS-LIGANDS in cell clusters.Presence of FAS-LIGANDS initiates Apoptosis because the surrounding COVID-19 semi grown cell structure with decomposed proteins provoide such gaps for well grown cells to shrink and rest themselves .So, white blood corpuscles and simultaneously the source of FAS-LIGAND generation i.e the new differentiated hostcell along with the COVID-19 encroached one gets demolished by attacking white cells sent by Immune system.Eventual result is the both dying of white cells and new cells with the advantages reaped for proliferation of COVID-19.There is no surprise in COVID-19 choosing the period of celldifferentiation(reasons to pin virus development with differentiation is also discussed in subsequent sections) and sharply launching its proliferation considering the Pseudomorphological Development associated with it.(While originating the concept on middle of the April'2020,I immediately communicated to WHO,GENEVA and LSHTM,LONDON )


The basic concept of this argument has its root in the process of cellsplit which is the basic and essential phenomenon in the growth of tissue structure of living organisms.I am consentinent to cell multiplication by splitting as far as fully developed cell structure is concerned but am reluctant to the multiplication of partialy developed primordial cells like COVID 19 which lacks DNA configuration.This speculation leads to attribute a differnt method for the proliferation of COVID 19 which is to be confirmed experimentally by observation and verification through international testing labs. The cell splitting process leads to the formation of newcells (with both DNA and RNA) ,eventually it is possible only in that kind of fully developed cells only and not in partially developed cells having RNA alone because splitting is the unique action that can be initiated if only DNA also is present in the cell according to the ancient past bio metamorphic activities information stored in DNA.For viruses like COVID19 which is only semi grown organism without DNA no such initiaion signal for cell splitt process harldly present as there is no storage spot possible without DNA.Its cell growth is only aggregation of already grown cells in the human or fully developed cells of living bodies cropped as smuggled and exists with continued supply of its past association with original cells. It could be traced out if the following development of COVID 19 affected cells but not identified physically to an extent as to show critical symptoms.That is the distinct no of RNA cells of host body which do not merge with its associate DNA combination of which forms new developed host cells where as the hanging RNA forms the COVID 19's semi developed cells eventually.It is evident that such cells do not act for DNA SIGNAL(Due to epigenecity and being target of COVID-19 particulate combination) and they look isolated once they arise initially in the healthy cells itsef and does not do productive work as like orignal RNA and hence can be named pseudo RNA.The name is so given because in fact these nonintegrated RNA constituents may be later deployed as COVID-19 transformed portions during its sudden proliferation. If the presence of Pseudo RNA is identified and ascertained the infection Of COVID 19 could well be recognised in advance before the spreading goes to dangerous extent which is explained below. This Pseudo RNA form some newly split good cells and act in opposition to the signal of body immune system (due to epigenetic effect of COVID-19)sent fromDNA of white corpuscles because it gets grouped in to RNA's of newly formed COVID 19 primordial cells which attacks host cells.How come the DNA information of new Cells Pseudo RNA fail integrity with body?Is it a ridicule?No. During splitting all the signals are halted within the cell and fission signal only active along the previously assumed boundary to realise the formation of two new cells.This is the situation when the silent COVID-19 could also try to multiply its cells as it cannot initiate its own cell division due to its Pseudomorphological nature.So some of the white corpuscles with Pseudo RNA and newhost cells (Pseudo RNA linked) do not unite with goodcells in proteinsynthesis and tend to form new boundary(like cancer cells) incorporating COVID 19 RNA to serve COVID 19 as a shield and supply plotform from which it can proliferate until it multiplies to large no of individual covid 19 cells demolishing life organs. This trial of boundary forming is evident from experimental finding of variety of configurations of COVID-19 in infected persons.Though it cannot form new boundary the time it associates in the formation process helps COVID 19 to grow its species. If the immunesystem go onattacking infected cell without screening the negative trend by Pseudo RNA ,the defence&counter attack ultimately turns into self destruction .Please note that it is not necessy for apoptosis to complete but initialising it is in an inappropriate time is as much as dangerous as it creates unstability in cell development. From the above correlations of proliferation of COVID-19 integrated with cell differentiation it is obvious its genetic structure is not stable one and is menifested in so much of configurations corresponding to variations created during the process of cell differentiation which is critical for making morphological changes in cells.


The virus transforms itself in different gene configurations in order to survive in human body .The news reported mentioned that among two types of corona virus took for experiments one type transformed itself in 788 configurations and the other in 32 .Definitely as per biological foundations an organism possessing definite morphological base will not, in short peiod migrate to differnt menifestations.This is the first coincidence I observe with the Pseudo morphology of covid-19 I emphazized.Secondly, such transformation came as a result of alteration in SPIKE protein.This supports the supertranscription of encryptions in RNA disrupting NF-kB protein formation leading to irregular differentiaon of cells which I specified as cause of losing immunity and apoptosis. WHETHER THIS GENETIC REFORMATION ACQUIRED BY COVID-19 COULD LIMIT ITS TERRITORY TO ITSELF ONLY WITHOUT HAVING ITS ROOT IN INFECTED CELL FROM WHERE ITS PROTEIN SYNTHESIS STEPS FORWARD? I suspect strongly that perhaps once there was no specific modification supposed to have been proceded in the genomes of infected(host) cell there can possibly be no such strange insimilarities in configurationa of virus morphology observed is possible. This suspicision is not meant to puzzle any biological phenomenon but to make it transparent that like without inheriting mother cell the baby cell will not exhibit an attribute ,we should logically understand that unless any genetic phenomenon went to overwrite itself in host cell ,the RNA of the infecting COVID-19 would have been supposed to exhibit variety of menifestations it has been reported to came in over 5349 samples tested as on the date the abov news was reporeted by reserchers and confirmed by LSHTM,LONDON. So,what this finding if its echo heared in days to come ,will alert the treatment of COVID-19 Infection?


Normally vaccines and antiviral medicines act in support of fully differentiated cells resulting after successful differentiation and fighting germs.But they seldom act while differentiation going on and also there is meagre possibility their counteracting effect go against virus having imprinted same genetic configuration similar to hostcells.Body immune system will initiate the action of drugs if only it finds contradiction of genetic structure associated with developing cells and as for COVID-19 development we already discussed how it has integrated itself with proteinsynthesis of hostcells and so it will not expose any incidence for being attacked.So as for virus having definite morphogenetic configuration the drugs a,vaccines and antiviral medicines prove success as they are readily distinguished by immunesystem to initiate counteraction against them.But as for COVID-19 the immune system will never initiate any offence in association with drugs as the virus menifests as product of host celll differentiation with evidence of being participated in differentiation due to its proliferation closely united in differentation.Under this circumstances there is no chance of coming out from covid-19 without removing the traces of differentiation in it .However without attacking virus the protective protein layer could be used to prevent virus from entering the healthy cells remaing away from its approach still.That is by way of supportive treatments came help in occassion. The supportive treatments being offered worldwide as of today forms shielding protein layer around inside the life organs throat,lungs and breathing passages .So, though the COVID-19 cells are detached from their to contact with lifecells and they (covid-19) disappear from their presence over humancells of lifesensitive organs lying over chest, but due to the genetic changes the COVID-19 inherits ,is it can be ruled out from being rest itself with its new configuration as an associate cellmember behind the observations of indigeneous equipments as the new configurations it acquire are not readily recognisable and only in timespan it may came to light just as like 788 now found?Because the presence of lifesaving protein shield just darkens the distinguishable micro constituents there exists every nano escape for such strange shapes come into picture suddenly. For safeside,let us not rule out the possibility projected in some reserches THAT THE IMMUNISATION RESTING IN CORONA healed patients will last only 1-2 years, and post treatment care shall periodically be maintained to protect. On the grounds of assumption that supportive treatments just protect unaffected bodycells by only keeping outside the proliferated COVID-19 cells in live without removing them from stage but behind the closedscreen,This sidelined COVID-19 will not proliferate further or escape into active life regions due to protein wall but slowly induce acruing problems in further development of protected healthy cells by robbering the ingredients passing on the way through it to growing cells inside the besieged protein fort. I am writing as a common man awayfrom active sects,day to day medical experiences and practices because no team from such engagements could come to this corner due to the fact that they have been tied with thousands of ropes which pull along millions of points diverting the route in this confiscation.It is evident from the scene that no differentiation therapy to treat this complication has been deployed as an experimental practice in order to study atleast the genetic data of the ailment reveals out.But time may come in future to force mission to utilise the differentiation tecqniques in the event that no vaccine could ultimately be launched due to obstacles come across.It is no strange in the event of its interaction with genetical structure to consider the treatment in the grounds of retrofitication of cell bases rather than removing traces of covid-19 just recognised and identified in critical zones.Because considering the disastrous nature of this deep rooting virus,in order to protect order in humancell systems for ever such root decision,I feel is ambious and shold be opted after analysing the affected for long period. On the basis of above conclded factes it is no obvious the DIFFERENTIATION THERAPHIES practiced inthe treatment of cancer in respiratory system spreading over throat ,bronchus and lungs .In that treatments it is used for removal of tumours tumour to form matured fully grown cell out of poordifferentiated one but in current treatment COVID-19 is concerned the objective is not removal of tumour, but removal of contagious proteins created along with genetical infringement associated with virus.Afterwards when cells restored to original condition,the proliferated duplicated germ cells disappear completely and their further interaction genetic signals completely erased out.While writing this contradictictory comparison ,I sincerely admit that being non medical,non bio or physiological scientist I have not been associated anytime at diagonosis and treatment of such things but the discussions I have grasped in this line eventually made me cometo this point due to following facts.

1.It is well known that medicines used in Differentiation theraphy brings the poor differentiated tumour cell into an early stage from which the defective path started to rush it to severe irregular toxic development.What is to be understood is that in this method of curing when the tumourcell was brought to earlystage,the growth processing route is diverted in correctpath with the help of activators which prevent the silencing of IKKα(p45 kinase critical in protein production in DNA/NF-κß signalling.

2.Though tumour development as a cause of poor differentiation ia a practically distinguinshed fact , the realising factor to compare covid-19 infection outcome as also same of distorted differentiation may well be comprehenced by virtue of protein obiquitting which almost halts respiratory  tissues in contrast with any other severe virus infections which rather halt cell process functioning only but not interfering differentiation process.Secondly, the proliferated covid-19 cluster  appear suddenly as somany cases witnessed instant collapse in physical conditions during treatments eventual leading to deaths.Though the other factors like diabetes ,kidney and immunal weakness count it also implicits that mutations of covid-19 infections prove fatal due to incabability of lifeorgans to withstand vibration resonanced with operation revealing some underdevelopment in tissues rest or tissues became desparately weakened.Finally the extreme victims witness badly damaged life organs as a result of extra proliferation of covid-19 and such damages would not occur unless differentiatio is bad.So, it is one which closely associated with covi-19 infection is differentiation and focus is to be diverted first on it.PICTURE

The Differentiation Theraphy when would be applied to current situation of COVID-19 proliferated cells only host cells which accompanied these virus cells during differentiation or the cell from which differentiation proceded to yield new completecell and partial covid-19 inhabited cell will be brought to early stage.Here if onceagain the DNA/NF-κß signalling pathway is made to go in mormalway by providing the necessry activators prevent the silencing of Ikka kinase critical in protein production.Then naturally the COVID-19 Inhibited cell gets devoid of such error factors and will no moresupport proteins necessary for COVID-19 survival.Because as the virus is out of DNA it cannot aquire growthsignals from the RNA while the differentiation procede in correctmanner.Only if differentiation gets halted due to breaking away of covid-19 nucleus as described earlier the virus has chance to overrule RNA.Before the complete destruction of cells due to APOTOSIS,if differentiation theraphy administered in right time it will yield encouraging results. The above speculation is postulated by considering important morphological features of fully grown developed cell structure and semi grown undeveloped Pseudomorphological virus structure.Let us analyse that.The fully developed cell structure of human cells possess DNA and contains programs to be executed to complete protein synthesis and cell develpment.So, from the realised tratments of tumour observed it is found able to execute cell growth in correct formulae when the tumorised poor differentiated cell is brought to early stage during DIFFERENTIATION THERAPHY.As such it can be reckoned well if the differentiation is applied to cell surrounded by contagious disintegrated DNA bound partially grown ,halted proteination cell the same reversal process will not fail to takeplace.Because the differentiation process is not applied to completely DNA broken ,transformed COVID 19 cell which is not possible as the Pseudomorphology does not have room for such kind of cellular activity.The feature of covid-19 cell is that once it started to grow with its encrypt residual in RNA that is capable to proliferate only once during its attempt to multiply.It cannot initiate second attempt of multiplication as like fully developed cell during theraphy due to the fact that it lack DNA. So, I have just combined the advantage of DNA in developed cell and dis advantage of null DNA in semi developed virus cell structure in order to proceed with differentiation theraphy to destroy virus multiplied and regain host growth.Time will answer to this venturious prediction.

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