What is the sixth sense?/Personal experiences

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And i know theres no real way of provning this right now the only way i know would be a way is if we could see in the brain of a person who have had this experience and seing back in time that the person had a dream then go further into the future in the brain and see that the person have lived trough what happend in the dream

Some people can see the future Its not a lie some can acually do it. When i was a kid i had dreams yeah but now at my age now some of my dreams are acually happening the exact same way its weird like the way it worked for me was that i had dreams yeah forget them when i acually open my eyes but now they are happening and i get reminder about me dreaming about it. When i was a kid i had a dream about me living in a house and i was older and i had a sister thats like almost a baby and i also had another mother there and my brother that i had at the time when i had the dream and also another brother older than me and then thats how it is now. And all the times i had a dream about the future it was always first person couldnt be third if i would change the dream then the future dream would end and an dream i create start its always at the morning that i had the dreams i also dreamed about texting a girl that would be in the same class as me + i would have an crush on her and at the time i dreamed about that i was in an complete other school and now i am in the school and shes in the same class as me and i have done what ive dreamed about.