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Stephen Fuller Austin, commonly known as the Father of Texas

The man that sold Texas land to families in 1821 was Steven Austin, by that time, Texas was owned by Mexico in 1821. Back then, Steven Austin was a huge money maker, you know why? He sold lands to families that came into Texas... now, how did he get the families to move to Texas? Steven Austin would usually advertise Texas to people around the US Territory, he included a big body of water in his map to advertise, and to know locations. This big body of water was the Gulf of Mexico.

By 1830, 25,000+ Americans moved to Texas. Not all were actually satisfied like you expect them to be, right? These 2 main issues, policies by the Mexican Government, angered Americans that entered Texas, which were:

  • American settlers were not allowed to own slaves.
  • They were also supposed to convert to Catholicism.

As well as Americans had no say in the Mexican Government, this created tensions between the Americans and the Mexican Government, which made the Texas Revolution, in October 2, 1835.

Texas Revolution[edit | edit source]

A replica of the Alamo in Alamo Village

The Texas Revoultion (1835 (October 2) - 1836 (April 21)) started due to the tensions between the Americans in Texas, and the Mexican Government. Many series of battles took place all around Texas. However, the Americans won, even if they were not well trained, and had no experienced, they won the war, mostly because of the great commanders. The grant of independence for Texas started in 1836, in then Texas became a state in 1845.

The reason why Texas didn't immediately become a state in the Union, is because of an issue, which were slaves. The North, being an industrial area, not depending on slaves, opposed Texas becoming a state, because if it were to be a state, it would be a slave state. The South, being a farming area, depending on slaves, supported Texas becoming a state, they didn't have a problem and would love if Texas would be a slave state.

The tables were flipped around, but the table finally stood. Texas became a state in 1845, and it was a slave state(Texas became the 28th state of the U.S.)

Important Events
  • The Alamo - Texas rebellions were being chased by the Mexicans, they decided to hide into an old Spanish Mission. Now, this really wasn't a bright idea, since the Alamo wasn't very war type of mission, even if it was used in war. It was damped in there. The rebellions had Mexicans surrounding them, and waiting until they could come out. The Rebellions had little to no food at all, and very little ammo. The Mexicans would climb up ladders and attack the Rebels. Even if the Rebels would push those Mexicans down, their would be another Mexican Troop to come out. But by the end of a couple of days, the rebellions lost all of their ammo, and that was good news for the Mexican troops. The Mexicans stormed the building, and killed all 189 rebels, including Davy Crockett. The Alamo became a wide figure after this, since troops would cry "Remember the Alamo" (remember all the dead soldiers we lost) when they would fight.
  • On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston and his men/troops led a surprise attack on Santa Anna and his troops. At this time, Houston got shot in the ankle, very badly wounded, but his brave soul was stronger than his pain, and kept on fighting. This fight took place at San Jacinto River. Two big phrases were shouted as the troops fought the battle, which were: Remember the Alamo, and Remember Goliad. Texas prisoners were held at Fort Goliaid, Santa Anne killed all of the prisoners by dividing them into small groups, marched in different directions out of town, and shot them. More than 600+ Mexicans were killed, and 700 were captured. After this fight, Santa Anna was able to leave, but he was captured the next day in a marsh, near Vince's Bridge (which was destroyed). The capture of Santa Anna resulted in Texas' independence, and Sam Houston a hero.