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Hi Suilven! I noticed that you have made a small edit to the page Introduction_to_Parkinson's_Science/Q_Page_1 in the wikiversity learning project The Science Behind Parkinson's. Welcome aboard! We look forward to your continued participation.

I note, however, that you 'signed' the page (and also removed the 'Magic word' and replaced it with __Ken__ which suggests to me that you thought it was someone's nickname or intitials; it is actually another 'Magic word' that suppresses the table of contents). One does not normally 'sign' the substantive pages - the User who makes a change is automatically recorded on the History of changes page. We like Users to sign the Discussion pages when they make comments there so that a dialogue can proceed in which it is easy to see who the participating parties are.

So in an attempt to start a dialogue, I have created your 'Talk page' here and also your 'User' page. Please respond if you see this to my User talk page, User_talk:Droflet. If you are new to wikiversity as well as to this project, we should be happy to give you as much assistance as you would like.

Droflet (talk) 15:39, 7 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for getting in touch[edit source]

Thanks for seeing my note and responding. No harm done with your editing! Quite the reverse: it is good to see someone 'being bold' and joining in!

I'd certainly be glad to help you get into the editing of this wiki in any way I can. Can you say a bit more about yourself, maybe on your User page, and say in what ways you would like to contribute to this learning project? It is OK if you want to start small and gradually explore how you can be involved. Are there one or two immediate questions that you would like answers to?

All the best. Droflet (talk) 09:03, 9 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Contribution to Getting the Ball Rolling article[edit source]

Thanks, Suilven, for updating the article. You marked is as a 'minor' edit but it is more significant than that! I guess that you are involved in the project and I am curious about your role. Do feel free to put more information about the progress and results of this fascinating project in the Parkinson's wiki project, maybe as a dedicated page in the Magazine section. Let me know if you need some help and advice to do this. Droflet (talk) 12:50, 5 January 2013 (UTC)[reply]