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Although, originally intended for construction systems for architectural objects, the uses of modular element construction systems (and regular grids) can be abstracted for use in other fields such as :

  • Biological sciences:
  • Crystalography.
  • Polyhedra.

Chat extract from #Wikiversity:

<Qcoder00> JWSchmidt: Quick question....
<JWSchmidt> ?
<Qcoder00> Do you get 'mesh' like structures in Biological structures?
<JWSchmidt> have you heard of "extracellular matrix"?
<Qcoder00> No
<JWSchmidt> w:Extracellular matrix

"The ECM is composed of an interlocking mesh of fibrous proteins and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)."

<Qcoder00> I was looking over some undergraduate project work I did on 'Visualing' modular structures using cubic grids... and it got me thinking
<Qcoder00> Surely regular girds occur in places OTHER than architectural structures...
<JWSchmidt> have you seen w:Diatom?
<Qcoder00> .. thusly in updating it , it might be worth considering a different area of expertise
<Qcoder00> JWSSChmidt : Not yet :)
<Qcoder00> BTW I suggest you put some links on talk pages...
<JWSchmidt> w:File:Diatomeas-Haeckel.jpg
<Qcoder00> Even if I don't use them directly, I can hopefully include some comments to say how the analysis could be used elsewhere...
<Qcoder00> ?
<Qcoder00> (If IIRC I've also seen somewhere an image of a virus which looked like it was distinitly polyhedral..;) )
<JWSchmidt> ya, some viruses have a regular surface structure of protein subunits
<Qcoder00> JWSchmidt: Therefore a tool which allowed visualisation of such 'polyhederal' geometries would be useufl?
<Qcoder00> Although they probably already exist...
<JWSchmidt> there are software tools that molecular biologists use to help visualize molecular structures
<Qcoder00> OK
<Qcoder00> Do you mind if I make some notes on the talk page from this disscussion?
<JWSchmidt> all my chat is public domain
<Qcoder00> OK...
<Qcoder00> You don't have objections to me quoting this chat on a talk page then? (it will need some tidying up to be put in an article...
<JWSchmidt> I have no objection

Sfan00 IMG 23:17, 26 March 2011 (UTC)