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OK - I know very little about wikis but I am willing to learn and I do have a great deal of content to contribute. I just posted a trial that is obviously in need of help, but it is a start.Reverett123 (talk) 01:55, 6 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Welcome aboard![edit source]

Hi Reverett123. Glad to see you on this comparatively new wikiversity learning project!

I thought the points that you put on the PD Hot Topics page were good. But I am moving them to the discussion page as I think they need working on before putting them on the actual page. I'll save these comments now while I do that and then continue with my explanation here. Back soon. Droflet (talk) 11:41, 6 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Back again. I think your list is interesting and indicates a number of topics which I agree would be on my list of topical things to address in an article. I am intrigued by others and would be interested in seeing the article that would cover them as it is not obvious to me what approach you would take!

I have moved the list to the discussion page because I think this is the best place to consider what you want to do with this and where the best place for it would be.

As I said, there are potentially a number of hot topics in your list. But equally some of the issues would also find a natural home somewhere in Section 2: An Introduction to Parkinson's Science. Indeed if you will be exploring the latest research on some of these topics and documenting the papers and reviews in which the results are contained, then various places in Section 1 might be appropriate for them. Some of them could quite legitimately appear in all three places or links put in to tie pages together.

For a "Hot Topic" I think the criteria might be expressed as: "this is interesting, current and pretty significant for future research!" One might add "and I'd like to stimulate discussion on this and get others views." (But, of course, we don't want people proposing personal theories and cherry-picking research results to back them up.)

So I'd be interested in hearing what you have in mind. This project is still evolving and we are still feeling our way. We would welcome your joining in the discussion and hope we could extend as much help as possible as you learn about wikis and this one in particular.

Please respond on my Talk page. Comments and discussion on the design of a particular page are best put on the talk page for that. (By the way, it would be good if you could create your User page and put a few words on that; at the moment it comes up as a red link and I almost missed the fact that you had put something on its talk page. You can set preferences so that you are emailed when someone writes on your Talk page. And, of course, you can put mainstream pages you are particularly interested in on your watchlist.)

Hope to hear from you soon. The other person who has done most work on this project is HAPE3512 who would be glad to see your interest.

Droflet (talk) 12:21, 6 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Me too[edit source]

I am very impressed by your contribution. At this stage we have no idea what shape the wiki will assume or the directions it will point in. Contributions can legitimately appear in more than one place but I would like to hang onto the structure of the research Section for a while.

The user manual covers the essentials needed for updating and we will come along later and tidy up any housekeeping problems. It takes a while to get used to working in a global medium where anybody can can change anything!

Shaker (talk)

I have been following the recent communications and come to the conclusion that we need a single place for the conversations since they are more than two-way and ought also to be open to the wider Parkinson's Science Community as it develops. A few days a go I cleared out (ie archived) what was on the Talk page of the entry Portal page: Portal_talk:The_Science_Behind_Parkinson's. I suggest we continue the multi-way discussion there. If the discussion becomes focused on a particular section, such as Section 1 or the Magazine section, we could migrate there in due course.
With regard to your hypothesis, reverett123, that Parkinson's can originate from conditions in the womb, let me say that I actually had a brief email conversation with Prof Paul Carvey some years ago. Of course we must be cautious, though, and not inadvertently jump to the conclusion that all cases of idiopathic PD arise that early; I think the current evidence is that different cases have different causes. It would be interesting to know what proportion might be caused by very early conditions like infection while in the womb. It has been known for a long time that Parkinson's can sometimes be caused by infection later in life and the hypothesis that a pathogen enters the body through the nose or gut to cause idiopathic PD is gaining currency. As you say, Parkinson's is confusingly multifaceted.
Finally, is there a chance that your french doctor friend can be encouraged to play a part in this wiki project? Her videos on YouTube are most fascinating!
Droflet (talk) 10:26, 11 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]

About Anne Frobert- I have not talked with her in two years or so. Anne was driven in her quest even more than I. Unbeknownst to me and obscured by the 8000 mile distance between us, she was not sleeping. She would fall asleep briefly at her keyboard then awaken a nd start again. After many months of this she broke down. I was going through a rough period myself and could offer only limited assistence. I came to realize that I was "enabling" her self-destruction and reluctantly ended the relationship. I do not know her present state and am not sure that it would be wise for me to disturb her. It is a real quandry. Truly a tough call. Reverett123 (talk) 15:06, 11 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Hold your horses![edit source]

Hi Reverett123. I am afraid I have 'rolled back' what you put on Portal:The_Science_Behind_Parkinson's/Section_2 because it completely screwed up the front page because that is where that sub-page is presented! See the box labelled Section 2 on that front page. I am sure you did not realise what you had done.

Section 2 is already being developed and that sub-page directs people to it.

I think you should begin to develop what you have in mind on a separate discussion page. When it's nature is clearer to us we can decide where it should go. How about creating a subpage of your own Talk page for now and begin elaborating on the headings there? A subpage is created by calling it the name of its parent page followed by a forward slash and the subpage name, e.g. [[User_talk:Reverett123/New_Section]] which would give you a subpage of your talk page. Note that the nowiki tags stops what is in between being interpreted as a wikitext command.

Droflet (talk) 13:18, 12 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]

I have put a new sub page in under Pt1 Causes > Infection/Lipopolysaccharide Shaker (talk)