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I would welcome you, but User:Jameskeptic appears to be a Single Purpose Account dedicated to attacking Ben Steigmann, it has no other edits globally. If you believe that Wikiversity neutrality or policies are being violated, the first step is not what you did, a filing on Request Custodian Action, but a request to the editor to cease any improper behavior, and if non-neutral resources are being improperly created, to either edit them to make them neutral, or request deletion. The pages you complained about are essay pages, where users may express their opinions freely, as long as they are not illegal or harmful. To be clear, they can even be wrong. We will not allow pages to be deceptive, but an essay page is intrinsically the opinion of the author. If you feel that Wikiversity is being imbalanced by the addition of what could be a fringe opinion essay, you are free to balance it with your own work, and if you need assistance in any of this, ask me.

If you continue with what is only a personal attack, with no apparent intention to participate constructively on Wikiversity, I will request that you be blocked. --Abd (discusscontribs) 22:30, 13 December 2014 (UTC)