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Hello and Welcome to Wikiversity Iszmael! You can contact us with questions at the colloquium or me personally when you need help. Please remember to sign and date your finished comments when participating in discussions. The signature icon Insert-signature.png above the edit window makes it simple. All users are expected to abide by our Privacy, Civility, and the Terms of Use policies while at Wikiversity.

To get started, you may

You do not need to be an educator to edit. You only need to be bold to contribute and to experiment with the sandbox or your userpage. See you around Wikiversity! --Dave Braunschweig (discusscontribs) 22:56, 12 January 2016 (UTC)

Class Projects[edit source]

Welcome to Wikiversity, and thanks for bringing your students here! While Atcovi's suggestion that students use their user space for page development is a good one, I would instead recommend that a course project page be set up, and students would create their pages under the course project. Examples of classes that use this approach include:

What would be the best title to use as the overall project page for your class and the student's efforts? Alternatively, what is the title of the course you are teaching? Once I have this information, your students' pages can be moved under this main project, and the pages should be fine and left alone after that. They can even be blank, as they won't be main pages. If the student pages remain where they are, they will be subject to editing by others. Main pages are open to all.

Dave Braunschweig (discusscontribs) 22:22, 3 April 2017 (UTC)

Thank you for your welcome and your prompt and kind assistance. I believe that setting up a project page that would be a sort of umbrella page for my students' work is a wonderful idea (incidentally, they themselves like it too as I mentioned your suggestion to them in my class today). I glimpsed the projects you quote in your message and the way they are set up makes a lot of sense. The only problem is that contrary to them my students' projects are not homogeneous, as the idea of the class is to make them familiar with editing various projects on-line using, in this case, Wiki mark-up language and resources. Their projects, which should have some educational value, are either related to their academic pursuits (mostly language, literature, translation) or to their interests (they are all students at the Institute of British and American Studies, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland). The name of the real world course I'm teaching is "Editing Internet Texts", which, I guess, is too vague and misleading to be used on Wikiversity. Frankly, I'm at a loss here and I would welcome your possible suggestions.
Should I supply you with the URLs of my students' projects, their login names or both? Now I have all eighteen of them. There is a possibility that a few more exchange students will join the course soon - could I add them to the course project place or you would need to do that?
I appreciate you help and I hope we can work this out. Wikiversity is a great resource though overshadowed by Wikipedia and thus little known to the outsiders.
--Iszmael (discusscontribs) 20:42, 4 April 2017 (UTC)
I've created Editing Internet Texts and moved the students' pages under that learning project. When the projects are finished, students are welcome to move their pages back to the main space if they wish, or they can remain under this learning project. In future semesters, we can create a semester subpage for archiving previous works.
Please encourage your students to consider creating a learning project for the literature pages they were working on in their sandboxes. That all seemed to be content that would provide a good example to others of how Wikiversity may be used as a teaching and learning environment. If they can provide a new learning project title and a list of pages or usernames, I'd be happy to create the learning project and move the pages. Thanks!
Dave Braunschweig (discusscontribs) 21:29, 4 April 2017 (UTC)
You are fast! Thank you! I'll let the students know about the new setup so that they may start working on developing their projects. So the students whose projects/URLs were not included on the original list should use the subpage template/script you included in the present page to create their individual project? I will encourage the students to possibly join forces and work on a few literature-related projects. Once again, a lot of thanks!
--Iszmael (discusscontribs) 22:11, 4 April 2017 (UTC)
If they have starter pages already created, they should move them to Editing Internet Texts/... . Otherwise, yes, they can just create a new subpage using the input box. If, in the future, you decide you want an actual template to start new pages, that can be added as well. The current one is just a blank page with the right title prefix. Enjoy! -- Dave Braunschweig (discusscontribs) 00:54, 5 April 2017 (UTC)

Template:Location mark+[edit source]

I have a technical problem you may be able to help me with. Some of my students in "Editing Internet Texts" class would like to use the template Wikipedia :Template:Location mark+ to provide some details related to the Wikimedia graphic files (pictures) they'd like to include in their Wiki projects. However, the template doesn't seem to work properly on Wikiversity pages, though it works all right on Wikipedia I checked it myself and no luck. This is the exact template coding (copied from the template page I quoted above) they and me have tried to include in our Wikiversity pages:

{{Location mark+
| width =
| image = Scotland relief location map.jpg
| caption = Weather stations in Scotland
| float =
| type =
| marks =
{{Location mark~
  | width =
  | label = '''Cape Wrath'''
  | position =
  | x = 452 | y = 480 }}
{{Location mark~
  | width =
  | label = '''Rattray Head'''
  | position =
  | x = 835 | y = 703 }}
{{Location mark~
  | width =
  | label = '''Ardnamurchan Point'''
  | position =
  | x = 307 | y = 865 }}

Is it the case that some templates work only in selected Wiki services? Or the problem lies elsewhere? I will appreciate your help in this matter as I haven't been able to find much help on help pages. --:--Iszmael (discusscontribs) 20:12, 23 May 2017 (UTC)

Templates often depend on other templates. In this case there are eight supporting templates we didn't have, either. There's no magic recipe. We have to keep importing and testing until the errors go away or change to a different type of error. By the way, these should always be imported rather than copied. Imports bring in the history, necessary for both licensing and troubleshooting. See Wikiversity:Imports to request an import. Try location marks now and see if they work or if more needs to be imported. -- Dave Braunschweig (discusscontribs) 20:47, 23 May 2017 (UTC)
Thank you, Dave, for your help - the import did the trick and the template seems to be working all right now. Following your suggestion I also posted a request for the import on Wikiversity:Imports. I really appreciate your time. Iszmael (discusscontribs) 21:07, 23 May 2017 (UTC)