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Moving to user space?[edit]

I agree that user:Guy vandegrift:Why this physics professor will not join the strike is arguably a better location than Wikiversity:Why this physics professor will not join the strike. But I ask that we keep it here, if for no other reason than because it doesn't really belong in my user-space either. It is an essay about open-source teaching in general. I mentioned my own Quizbank effort last for two reasons: First, to emphasize that I am not alone in pushing for OER in higher education, and second, because my effort is much smaller and less developed than the others described in the essay. I did not want to give the the campus and regional community the impression that this is all about me.

Here is one good reason for keeping it in Wikiversity space: I believe Wikiversity could play a much larger role in advancing OER, and that the Wikiversity community needs to think about how to achieve this. I am not suggesting that I have any idea how to enhance the role of Wikiversity in this. But it might be useful to contemplate the parallel efforts of others in order to construct a plan for Wikiversity.

Another reason: I sent a link to Wikiversity:Why this physics professor will not join the strike to all my students and asked them to think about it. Ultimately, it is the students who benefit the most from OER. Yet, unfortunately, they are the least able to advocate for this cause. My Quizbank questions are too easy for my stronger students, and some of them are extremely interested in developing the bank. I worked with three of them Friday for an hour after class and one of them just emailed me today (Sunday) for an update my promise to deliver a numerical question generating code. I just finished the code and it can be viewed at:

I would prefer that we not move the page while the local (non-Wikiversity) community is reviewing it because the redirect might confuse people. Nobody thinks this strike will last long. The university pushed back the deadline for withdrawal with a full tuition refund. But pretty soon, either the striking professors or the administration are likely be so economically damaged that they will have no choice but to back down. Then we can move the page if the community so chooses. --Guy vandegrift (discusscontribs) 05:20, 28 January 2019 (UTC)


I requested that we keep the page here until the strike was over. That might be a problem. The strike is currently into its 19-th day and I see no end in sight. In one sense, the strike did end for our smaller Lake Campus because the vast majority of striking professors returned to work after being informed that not teaching certain classes would prevent students from graduating this spring. For that reason, I am now more than willing to move this page. My first choice would be Wright State University Lake Campus/Why this physics professor will not join the strike or perhaps Wright State University Lake Campus/2019-1/Why this physics professor will not join the strike--Guy vandegrift (discusscontribs) 19:24, 9 February 2019 (UTC)