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Welcome![edit source]

Hello, it's cesarharada's talk page in here. I'm quite inexperienced in wikipedia for now, i wish i didn't destroy your work by mistake or stupidity, please teach me. You can leave me a message below. If you think i'm too slow to answer feel free to e-mail me here : / or even skype me : cesarminoruharada. Cheers. My wikiversity 'to-do-list' is going to be here, but my wikipedia todolist is on my french profile[1].

--Cesarharada 00:30, 1 July 2007 (UTC)

leave your message in here thanks ![edit source]

edit ? Look up, there's a link "edit", cheers ! Suggestions, ideas, everything is very welcome ! Thanks ! Please don't forget to sign and date.

...[edit source]


New Media Arts Links to School of Media Studies[edit source]

New Media Arts has also now become a Department of the School of Media Studies!

(s) Dionysios (talk), Date: 2007-07-03 (July 3, 2007) Time: 192101 UTC

Questions and Answers[edit source]

A Question: What are "Brieves"?

Oh, maybe, in my English schools they used these words for the paper on which the subject of research is proposed ... do you have a word people would be more likely to understand?
N.B.: New Participant Brook Hsu uses the term "brief".
Perhaps "Thesis" connotes something on the order of "Brief".
Are "brieves" "briefs"?
Wikitionary User Brian 0918 has "brieve" on his Hotlist; otherwise Your Servant does not find it on Wikitionary.
Again, it is possible that "brieves" could be "theses".
This Question might want to go to the Wikiversity:Colloquium.
(s) Dionysios (talk), Date: 2007-07-02 (July 2, 2007) Time: 120801 UTC

TO DO LIST[edit source]

About the architecture of the division :

  • "The various Departments articulate their architectures, classes, and Discussions. Truly Teaching could not be only online; and much Learning can result from discussion." Understand this and apply this thinking in the architecture. My belief is Wikiversity is a place to "accumulate" experiments, not compare and create definitions, it's not as "cannibal" as Wikipedia ... I LOVE WIKIPEDIA THOUGH !
  • Create a page for each new brief.
  • Make an attractive layout, with titles headlines, colours, thematics...
  • Create images and galleries.
  • Propose some answers to the first brief, myself
  • Contact people to raise opinion, compare positions ...

and if you feel like adding me tasks, please do, PLEASE DO !

Simple notes, not to forget[edit source]

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Getting technical
Getting social