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Open PhD

Currently pursuing with professionals in education located throughout the world a PhD by publication since 2010. Trained in online teaching, web development, Open Educational Resources, open learning and web 2.0 tools for Education, Educational technology, Entrepreneurship, Educational Technology and Media, Instructional design. Use various social medias, web 2.0 tools, online learning repositories and offline resources for learning and research in various educational and professional topics. This is pursued through self-directed learning or informal learning. Courses, readings, research, publications are done through a self-designed learning contract. A group of professionals has developed the key concepts of this program published through through Wikiversity and Peer-to-Peer University.

1. Educational Technology and Media (ETMOOC)
2. Edstartup 101 (Entrepreneursip in Education)
3. Online teaching
4. Instructional Design
5. Open Educational Resources
6. Web Development
7. Educational Leadership for Adult Education Administrators
8. Small Business Administration
9. Critical lessons for Entrepreneurs
10. Foundations of Business Strategy
11. Product development in Social media
Social Media

International Graduate Center Stowe Vermont 2004-2005
Enrolled in a doctoral degree program in Curriculum and Instruction completing educational administration, leadership and research courses necessary for the presentation of a research proposal.
1. Culturally Responsive Leadership (Acquisition of the new book)
2. Qualitative Research
3. Quantitative Research
4. Applied Action Research
5. Doctoral Personal Learning Plan
6. School Law
7. Education and Society
8. Education and Finance.

Bernelli University Alexandria Virginia 2003
Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction

  1. Research on Effective Teaching
  2. The Child and the Curriculum
  3. Trends in School Curriculum
  4. Independent Study
  5. Independent Study
  6. Diagnosis and Treatment of Learning Disabilities
  7. Technology in the Classroom
  8. Portfolio Development
  9. Management of Information
  10. Inquiry
  11. Master's Thesis

Andrews university Berrien Springs Michigan 1996
Graduate educational administration courses in a master's degree program
Supervision of Instruction
Management of Personel

Andrews University Berrien Springs Michigan 1985-1986
Graduate educational administration courses in a master's degree

  1. Administration of Secondary School
  2. Psychology of Learning
  3. Foundations of Curriculum Development
  4. Foundations of Guidance
  5. Educational and Psychological Research