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Mr. Yotem Sanders[edit]

AP English Language




Abandonment Love Success
Family Oppression Suffering
Hope Race Survival
Identity Rejection

Readings, Observations, and Experiences[edit]

Whether for class or my own enjoyment, these are a collection of some of my sources for learning.


Film and Television[edit]

Lectures/Community Events[edit]

Nonfiction - Books[edit]

Conroy, Pat. My Losing Season. New York: Nan A. Talese, 2002.

In this book, author Pat Conroy tells us about his career as a basketball player starting from the age of nine until the age of twenty-one. First he talks about his prep years, when he developed a passion for the sport that few had. Then he talks about his college career with the Citadel Bulldogs, a military school in Charleston, South Carolina. He takes us through the constant struggles he went through, while playing for this very strict military university.

" I found a joy, unrecapturable beyond the realn of speech or language, and I lost myself in the pure, dazzling majesty of my sweet, swift game."

" The simple fact of me being on the court jeopardized any possibility of victory for us. I was a bottom feeder and born second - stringer."

--Yotem Sanders 15:01, 1 October 2009 (UTC)

Nonfiction - Essays[edit]

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