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Hi, my name is Karl - I'm 18 years old turning 19 in January. I'm originally from Milford, CT, but live now in West Haven, CT. Although, I go to school in MA which is Job Corps. I've got my G.E.D. unprepared with ABOVE AVERAGE SCORES with the hardest difficulty booklets. Anyway I didn't want to go for the GED, but I got it - so whatever. I'm at Job Corps to get a High School Diploma through Penn Foster, which is an excellent virtual high school! I need my HSD so I can get into the Marines this summer! I also took up security as a trade - I'm now a certified security officer/certified in homeland security, and I'd like to take a second trade - medical assistant. After or during the Marine Corps, I'm going to get into college and take up psychology and become a psychologist! I just love health, the human body/mind, martial arts/mixed martial arts, and the military! --- I've been using Wikipedia since 2004... I use it to look up anything and everything! I LOVE IT! ---Anyway, GET@ME PEOPLE!!! ~*1Karl.