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Web 2.0 elements

Wozodozo's Message Board

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Hi there

Name: WozoDozo

Began the Web 2.0 course on Wikiversity.

Web 2.0 is, by design, immersive, interactive, and collaborative. This course is based on experiential learning. In other words, to really increase your knowledge regarding Web 2.0, you must personally use and utilize Web 2.0 tools and utilize Web 2.0 services. This holds true whether you are interested in self-paced independent study or using this course as a guide to teach others. It is essential that you stay active and contribute to online communities and knowledge, and reflect on your experiences. Start a blog, Wordpress, Facebook page, or similar forum that can contain your personal reflection. As you go through the course, try to write a reflective post on each new thing that you learn.

Thanks for the link on creating Help:Contents/Links#Subpage_feature.

Thank you

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