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This is my, what, 15th User page in the Wikipedia? Where is Single Sign-On, Brion?!

Anyway, my main pages are:

  • de
  • en
  • and of course my real home page: [1]

Yes, I am still alive. But I am rather saddened by what has been happening on Wikiversity. So instead of bitching around, I just quit coming and sat down with my research assistant to conduct some web-based research in the manner that I had hoped to create at the Wikiversity. I am now finished, and have published my results - and my data and some alternative interpretations of that data - on my portal on plagiarism. Yes, it is in German, but Google Translator does a smashing job of translating it: [2]

I've decided that it is better to show people what I mean instead of trying to explain it. Works better that way.