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This page was subjected, some years ago to three AFDs.

In the last AFD Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Boubaker polynomials (3rd nomination), it was stated wordy that: This page doesn't have secondary sources. It was also stated that: 10 secondary, independent and verifiable sources would be OK.
To the question (of Snottywong) : what is new in the last version?, the simple answer is an invitation to compare the three versions 2007’s AFD, 2008’s AFD 2009’s AFD to that of 2011’s version from which secondary and Tertiary sources are gathered in the following table:

Sources analysis to Boubaker Polynomials, one by one

Source Kind locii (Auth./Edit.) quik link Attributes
1 Secondary, independent Ireland Full text [1] Chapter 6, page 23: The Boubaker polynomials
2 Secondary, independent India Summary[2]
3 Tertiary, independent USA Summary[3] Printed Internaional Scientific Ecyclopedia
4 Secondary, independent Philadelphia,USA Summary[4]
5 Secondary, independent Australia Full text[5] Downloadable Pdf
6 Secondary, independent Nigeria Full text[6] Downloadable Pdf
7 Tertiary, independent India Entries[7] more than 20 pages
8 Secondary, independent USA Summary[8] Printed Book
9 Tertiary, independent Japan Summary [9] (Printed Book, Encyclopedical)
10 Secondary, independent Sweden Summary [10] (Elsevier)
11 Secondary, independent Venezuela, Republic of Bolivarian Summary [11] (Elsevier)
12 Secondary, independent Turkey Summary [12] (Elsevier)
13 Secondary, independent Florida, USA Full Text [13] Proceedings, page 40
14 Secondary, independent USA Summary & link [14] (OEIS Journal, Chap 5.)
15 Secondary, independent Netherlands Summary & link [15] (Springer)
16 Secondary, independent India Summary [16] (Springer)
17 Secondary, independent France, Uzbzkistan Text [17] (AIAA, American Inst. of Aeronatics & Astronautics)
18 Secondary, independent Hungary Summary & link [18] (Akadémiai Kiadó)
19 Secondary, independent China Summary & link [19] (Elsevier)
20 Secondary, independent Egypt Full Text [20] (IDOSI, Dubai)
21 Secondary, independent China Full Text [21] (Springer)
22 Secondary, independent Romania Full Text [22] (Balkan Society of Geometers, Geometry Balkan)
23 Secondary, independent Italy Full text[23] (EJTP, Italy)
24 Secondary, independent Singapore Summary & link [24] (World Scientific , singapore, UK)
25 Tertiary, independent France Full Text[25] WebPage referring to secondary sources
26 Tertiary, independent Spain Full Text[26] (ARXIV.ORG: P.24-25:BOUB. POL. Riordan Matrix)
27 Secondary, independent U. K. Summary & link [27] (Elsevier, Kidlington, UK (1828) (Revue))
28 Secondary, independent India Summary & link [28] (Soc. Work Res. Netw., India,Page 8: Boub. Pol.)
29 Tertiary, independent Turkey Summary & link [29] Citation 27, Page 93
30 Tertiary, independent Venezuela Summary & link [30] Computers & Mathematics with Applications
31 Tertiary, independent Venezuela Summary & link [31] A coverage of a secondary source.

Intervener are requested to find ONE single source (in this table) which is either non-independent, or non-reliable, or non-verifiable (Regardless more than 100 external links given in 2011’s version, 4690 hits in Google and 176 hits in Google Scholar ).