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I am studying at the University of Canberra and I will finish soon. I am attending the unit motivation and emotion.

My Book Chapter[edit]

Autonomic nervous system and emotion

Social Contributions[edit]


  1. 23rd September 2018 - Comment made to emotional regulation in children: On this page I left a comment about some of the research I had found that might be helpful in this topic development about the physiological mechanisms of emotional dysregulation -
  2. 18th October 2018 - Comment made to the Anger Evolution: On this page I left a comment about the inclusion of details about the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that might be helpful in improving what was already a heading. As I hoped this would improve undersanding and give a bigger picture on Angers involvement in an ANS response.
  3. 18th October 2018 - Made a comment to Anxiety Neurobiology, and suggested the inclusion of information about the hypothalamus on the topics surrounding brain area. Where the hypothalamus is key in initiating the fight or flight response in the whole of the body. Which is caused by anxiety.
  4. 19th October 2018 - Comment made about a diagram on the page insular cortex and emotion, pointing out that the diagram did not seem accurate. And perhaps a better diagram would get the point and idea of the amygdala better. As the current image showed the amygdala as very large and the placement did not seem accurate or obvious.
  5. 19th October 2018 - Comment made to flourishing - To perhaps include information about feel good hormones that could strengthen the research surrounding symptoms of flourishing.


  1. 20th October 2018, 9:50am - Did some basic editing of grammar.
  2. 21st October 2018, 4:51 - Basic editing
  3. 21st October 2018 - Minor edits and left a not about an inconsistent abbreviation