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About me[edit]

I am a student at University of Canberra, studying a Bachelor of Education/Arts. I have several years experience working in community mental health, and have a passion for combining my skills in mental health and working with young people.

My book chapter[edit]

The chapter I am working on within the book Motivation and Emotion;

Other relevant information;

Social contributions[edit]

I have made the following contributions to other chapters within Motivation and Emotion;

  1. 3 Sept 2017 - Paraphilia Motivations book chapter - Contributions: minor typos in first paragraph, suggestions for possible topic additions, and helpful resources
  2. 3 Sept 2017 - Gender transformation book chapter - Contributions: on discussion page included possible topic directions, including four peer reviewed journal references
  3. 3 Sept 2017 - Psychological resilience development in children page - Contributions: some minor grammatical edits and an invitation to check out my reference list, as our chapters have some crossover concerning resilience
  4. 18 Oct 2017 - Awe and Well-being book chapter - Contributions: discussion of topic and future directions, intersection of our book chapters