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About me[edit]

  • I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Canberra.
  • Third year student.
  • Enrolled in the unit Motivation and Emotion for semester 2, 2017.

Book chapter[edit]

Please use the attached link to find my book chapter on Emotion Perception for the the unit Motivation and Emotion. Link to emotion perception book chapter

Social contributions[edit]

Please note to view the social contribution, the time and date stamp in each sentence contains a link to the relevant page.

  1. 23:32 on 29 August 2017: Made a social contribution on the chapter oxytocin and trust, regarding an internal link to include in the 'see also'. The internal link was a previous book chapter completed in 2013 on oxytocin and emotion.
  2. 14:33 on 03 September 2017: Responded to a moodle forum post regarding the topic development assessment and how to find available topics.
  3. 13:22 on 18 September 2017: Made a contribution regarding Wikiversity conventions for headings on the page emotion and learning.Provided the author with the comment provided by James on my book chapter page.
  4. 14:30 on 18 September 2017: Suggested that the author resize the image used in their overview in the book chapter positive thinking as a cause of emotional problems, to make the key readable. Provided a link to the Wikiversity media help page to assist with execution of this suggestion.
  5. 22:41 on 18 September 2017: Changed the formatting of the references on the page counterfactual thinking motivation by adding a hanging indent to comply with APA.
  6. 05:48 on 19 September 2017: Discussed my changes to the references formatting on the discussion page for the book chapter on counterfactual thinking motivation. Explained the process for adding a hanging indent to assist the author with future references or to help others.
  7. 06:33 on 19 September 2017: Made multiple minor edits to spelling throughout the book chapter social movement motivation.
  8. 06:44 on 19 September 2017: Drew the authors attention to the minor spelling edits I had made to their book chapter on social movement motivation.
  9. 11:17 on 19 September 2017: Responded to a moodle forum post regarding the tutorial 3 recording.
  10. 12:05 on 26 September 2017: Responded to a moodle forum post regarding peer feedback for the book chapter assessment. Provided the link to my book chapter to prompt discussion and feedback.
  11. 14:27 on 18 October 2017: Responded to a moodle forum post on external links. Posted a link to an article on Wikimedia commons outlining the process for embedding a video. Posed a question regarding whether or not the guidelines for using pictures from this source extended to other media such as videos and audio.
  12. 22:11 on 18 October 2017: Responded to a moodle forum post prompting others to provide feedback on the progress of my book chapter.
  13. 17:16 on 20 October 2017: Responded to a moodle forum post regarding images and figures. Outlined the process as given by James on a previous post as to how to upload an image found on google images, to wikimedia commons and then to Wikiversity.
  14. 23:10 on 20 October 2017: Responded to the a moodle post regarding how to discuss concepts found in the textbook. Directed the other student to a prior moodle post in which James had provided comments on this topic.
  15. 22:32 on 21 October 2017: Responded to a moodle post on quiz development. Posted a link to a help article on Wikiversity regarding quizzes.