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About Me[edit]

I am currently a third year student at UC studying a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and majoring in Applied Psychology.

I am currently enrolled in the Motivation and Emotion unit

Interested in pursuing Forensic Psychology.

My Book Chapter[edit]

My book chapter will be on Intimate Partner Violence Motivations.

Social Contributions[edit]

The following are social contributions that I have made throughout the semester.


  1. 5:38PM 28 August 2017/ 9:24PM 3 August 2017 - Thanked Sonia for providing starter reference. And thanked James for wiki heading correction
  2. 10:00PM 3 August 2017 - Provided article for user MMMRH9416 on the good lives model of offender rehabilitation
  3. 1.51PM 16 October 2017 - Provided article for user u3114890 on multilingual motivation
  4. 2.14PM 16 October 2017 - Added two book chapters under "see also" for user Georgia.wb on her topic about online dating motivations and gender
  5. 2.54AM 17 October 2017 - Added 'see also' link for user CazaF and referenced their image according to APA.
  6. 3.21AM 17 October 2017 - Provided hanging indent template for Holly Kingham
  7. 8:40PM 18 October 2017 - Italicised journal articles in reference list for the cannabis and positive emotions page
  8. 11:25PM 18 October 2017 - Made a suggestion to Meerab about sub-headings and how to italicise journal names in references.
  9. 6:42PM 19 October 2017 - Suggested some possible terms for user u3144362 that she could link to other wikipedia pages.
  10. 7:37PM 19 October 2017 - Thanked user u3122707 for their feedback and article suggestions.
  11. 6:14PM 21 October 2017 - Made a suggestion to Morgan about the use of imagery and found some previous book chapters for him to use.


  1. 8:07PM 18 October 2017 - Provided guidance for a student on the Moodle forum
  2. 9:10PM 18 October 2017 - Started a Moodle thread for clarification on the use of case studies.
  3. 10:21PM 18 October 2017 - Shared my page on a social contribution Moodle thread.