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"Hello there" - Obi Wan Kenobi

Possible Present 1[edit]

I study at university, and use this account to complete certain assignments.

I may end up editing on Wikipedia a lot more in the future because of said assignments...

Possible Present 2[edit]

I am a dude. A coup(cool) dood(stahp) ;)

I've found myself liking Science, Psychology, Politics, Art, Writing, Bouldering, Cycling and Hiking - and midnight runs if anyone has energy left after a night clubbing.

[Oh I also found out recently that I like Karaoke - but not the public kind]

Generally, I behave pretty bolshy - but I'm actually an introverted twonk who should start being a listener like he used to be.

Here is a link to my 2018 BoOk cHaPtEr on Confirmation Bias - an interesting topic to say the least, I certainly intend to do it justice.

Social Contributions 2018[edit]




Social Contributions 2017[edit]

Format [Time, Date: what was done – to what chapter/Moodle topic]

15:22, 4 September 2017 : Made a suggestion on the talk page - "Gamification and motivation"

08:04, 25 September 2017 : A suggestion/discussion regarding perspectives on the talk page - "Compatabilism"

03:42, 21 October 2017 : Main various edits up until "Bioloigcal systems associated..."; removed extra spaces, repeated sentences, added capitals, fixed a few citations - on "Ghrelin, leptin, hunger, and eating"

04:17, 21 October 2017 : Made suggestion to reduce hyperlinks, fix quiz questions, and add bracketed explanations for scientific terminology on the talk page - "Ghrelin, letpin, hunger and eating"

06:41, 21 October 2017 : Made sentence and paragraph edits until the "Brain Damage" heading - "Paraphilia motivations"

06:56, 21 October 2017 : Suggested to fix text box for Greek derivation and one outlying sentence about birth order developmental effects on the talk page - "Paraphilia motivations"

12:12 AM, 22 October 2017 : Answered a question on Moodle regarding inputting a hanging indent - "References"

03:31, 22 October 2017 : Fixed a few sentences in the overview - "Hypothalamus and motivation"

03:35, 22 October 2017 : Made an info box a similar colour to a media item adjacent - "Anxiety and gender"

07:13, 22 October 2017 : Suggestions for reducing cluttered table and image, and proposal to assist - "Hypothalamus and motivation"

07:53, 22 October 2017 : Reviewed and rewrote the 'Gender differences in experiencing anxiety' section - "Anxiety and gender"