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Phillip McKeough's Wikiversity Page

I am currently in my final semester at the University of Canberra completing a bachelor of science in psychology with a major in counselling services.

I have worked in retail for at least four years and am now actively seeking to further my experience within my chosen field of psychotherapy.

Book Chapter[edit]

This semester I am enrolled in the Motivation and Emotion unit under the supervision of Dr. James Neill.

Individual students within this unit will be constructing individual book chapters, collaboratively, creating a unique book exploring the motivations and emotions behind various psychological phenomenon

The book chapter I am personally working on is investigating the motivations behind of Suicidality in the elderly.

Social Contribution[edit]

  1. I have made an effort to collaborate with NicoleDawnK as we have similar topics. see here
  2. I made a spelling correction on Confirmation bias motivation.
  3. I found an article useful to another page Suicidality across the lifespan
  4. I have included links to other relevant book chapters within my own see Here.