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I am a psychology student at the University of Canberra. I am studying the unit Motivation and Emotion (7124) from July 2018 until November 2018 (Semester 2, 2018). I am interested in the topic of effective leadership, and whether emotional intelligence can impact the efficacy of leadership. I examine this topic here:

Book chapter[edit]

Social contribution[edit]

In conformance with the assessment requirements of Motivation and Emotion (7124), I have made social contributions to the wiki-pages of my peers, as detailed below.


  1. 06:48, 2 September 2018. Motivation and emotion/Book/2018/Emotional intelligence training. Proposed words and reference on efficacy of training on ability and trait emotional intelligence.
  2. 05:26, 5 October 2018‎. Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2018/Yoga_and_mood_disorders. Proposed section on "implementation" - how yoga can help deal with mood disorders (online yoga can help too! :))).
  3. 05:39, 5 October 2018‎. Motivation and emotion/Book/2018/Emotional intelligence training. Edited reference and title.
  4. 05:53, 5 October 2018‎. Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2018/Walking_and_emotion. Proposed link to TED talk.
  5. 06:09, 5 October 2018. Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2018/Vicarious_post-traumatic_growth. Proposed definition of VPTG supported by reference.
  6. 07:37, 5 October 2018‎. Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2018/Veteran_transition_to_civilian_life. Proposed edits to increase clarity.
  7. 07:59, 5 October 2018. Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2018/Surfing_and_well-being. Inserted chapter title and subtitle.
  8. 08:44, 5 October 2018‎. Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2018/Thai_cave_rescue_motivation_and_emotion. Proposed resource and reference.
  9. 09:23, 5 October 2018‎. Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2018/Compliments,_emotion,_and_motivation. Proposed resource and quick fixes to existing references - closer aligned to APA (consider reviewing).,_emotion,_and_motivation&diff=1927554&oldid=1925861
  10. 09:52, 6 October 2018‎. Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2018/Social_anxiety. Added reference and opening sentence for writer to consider developing (the impact of VB-CBGT vs IE-CBGT on SAD).
  11. 11:06, 6 October 2018‎. Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2018/Restorative_justice_and_emotion. Proposed link to identification and articulation of emotion in efficacy of restorative justice, supported by reference.

UCLearn Discussion[edit]