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About me[edit]

Hi, my name is Amy and I am currently completing my final year of study at the University of Canberra where I am doing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am currently undertaking the unit Motivation and Emotion this semester and it is for this unit that I have created this Wikiversity account.

My interests include:

  • Taking my dog for a walk/run
  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Dining out with friends

Book Chapter[edit]

Motivation to leave domestic abuse relationships

Social Contributions[edit]

  1. 17.54, 30 August 2018: provided some suggestions for reducing word count (for the book chapter: Endometriosis and Emotion).
  2. 18:17, 30 August 2018: suggested a journal article (for the book chapter: Suicidality across the lifespan).
  3. 18:37, 30 August 2018: suggested a couple of images/charts (for book chapter: Abortion and Emotion).
  4. 18:59, 30 August 2018: formatting and section suggestions (for book chapter: Childhood trauma and emotion).
  5. 11.44, 15 October 2018: shortened some of the section headings, added multimedia section, added to see also section (for book chapter: Sensation seeking and rock climbing).
  6. 16.05 15 October 2018: posted on UClearn page how to accurately count your words (titled 'using search bar for counted words').
  7. 11.53 16 October 2018: changed reference doi's to APA's updated format (for book chapter: Guilt and empathy).
  8. 13.28 20 October 2018: added focus questions, two images, see also links and external links (for book chapter: Online Disinhibition Effect).
  9. 18.58 20 October 2018: fixed some grammar and sentence lengths (for book chapter: Endometriosis and Emotion).
  10. 19.11 20 October 2018: discussed some of the things I had edited and suggestions for reducing word count/ discussing studies (for book chapter Endometriosis and Emotion).