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Psychology student at the University of Canberra[edit]

My interest areas include all aspects of sports psychology, as well as the psychological factors surrounding pain perception. Outside of univeristy my passion is running. My long term goal is to intergrate both the knowledge gained in my psychology degree and my personal experiences as an athlete, to best assist others as a psychologist. The further I get into this degree the more areas within it grab my attention, and I would love to be a part of future research into the developing aspects of sports and health psychology.

My motivation and emotion book chapter:[edit]

Imagery and Motivation

Other book chapters I contributed to[edit]

perceived control and emotion : changed headings to correct wiki format.

happiness and health :feedback provided on progress, suggestions made for correct formatting of in-text referencing, collaborated with initial theory research.

guilt and motivation :gave suggestions for correct formatting of reference list along with syntax needed to do this correctly.

self esteem and depression : shared articles that I had come across that thought the user may find helpful, deleted some unnecessary commas throughout text to improve grammar and readability of chapter, suggestions made for simplifying long and slightly confusing sentences.

religiosity and mental health: feedback provided about chapter structure and content, as well as suggestions made for improving readability.

Moodle Posts[edit]

Moodle forum summary