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Welcome to Wikiversity! This is a userpage. You have one too! Its the spot where you can put anything you want; practice editing there, put personal information you wish others to know, etc... See:Wikiversity:User page for more information. If I you just recieved a welcome message from me, I suggest two links on it (Get an Introduction to Wikiversity and Question). Happy editing!

And now for My Userpage[edit]

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My Subpages

See w:User:Trevor MacInnis for my main account.

On a personal note, I registered the 109th account at this new project (I don't know why I like to know that, but I do).

Code I use[edit]


To do[edit]

  • cleanup Wikiversity:Community Portal to become an actually funtioning central area for community.
  • Figure out how to format the Colloquium.
  • Clean up categories.
  • release yEd pics

I 've uploaded a prelim diagram showing how, starting at the main page, users find or a guided towards the important pages in Wikiversity:

Wikiveristy User Paths.svg

It's still in the working phase, but I think you will be able to look through it and see how page links and overall help can/should be better organized. The thick green line is what a brand new user should follow to get the most out of Wikiversity by first learning about wiki's and editing.

A few things to do based on the results of my inspection of the diagram:

  1. eliminate the need for the Wikiversity:Guided tour. It is essentially what the Wikiversity:Introduction is trying to do, so make sure all the links are duplicated there and then redirect the tour to the introdction.