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In 2012 The Greater Western Sydney (GWS) Giants will enter the Australian Football League (AFL). This has lead to a rivalry between the AFL and National Rugby League (NRL) as GWS has a home base in the heartland of Western Sydney. the NRL has four clubs in Western Sydney area and have refused to be threaten by GWS, which may prove to be their downfall. Although spectulation has surrounded whether GWS will be successful, obvious signs have lead to the expansion into Western Sydney. Excessive crowds of 30 thousands on average to Sydney swans matches, an area with a population of 4 million people branching from Western Sydney down to the border of New South Wales (NSW) and the desire of the AFL to expand the game with plenty of money are just some of the reason to expand the AFL into Western Sydney. To ensure that GWS are successful they had to do the right things as past expansion clubs to the AFL have made mistakes that have limited the success of the expansion. GWS has done this by utilizing the Area it has been given to them in Southern NSW and Canberra. They have also utilized the money and resources they have received from the AFL, so that they can market and promote their club properly,to not only be successful not just in 2012, but in the future as they embark on their journey to expand AFL into Western Sydney.


Why GWS Giants will win the battle of Western Sydney


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Cameron James- Development Manager AFL ACT/NSW Commission

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