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Treedesigner is a co-founder of Maxwood Institute of Treeconomics, a seminonfictional seminonprofit reorganization in need of funding, labor effort, and access to operations space worldwide. Assets include over 50 skids (that's jargon for pallet-loads) of shelfmakeable lumber in central Illinois where the owner wanted possession of his space to develop a shopping mall.

The lumber should either be sold or advantageously donated to carpentry academies and other appropriate users. Most of it can be made into thriftstore shelving (the no. 1 most neglected opportunity on the planet to achieve a halt to every category of resource waste-- most failures of thriftstores or Creative Reuse Warehouses have resulted from inadequate investment in shelving which would have eliminated deep piles and permitted customers or donees to search out, find and select particular goods they would be interested in reusing-- or repairing and remarketing, which requires more education (alias advertising)).

Some of the shabbiest board pieces (pallet-slat size) can be made into compost bins (see Maxpost). Thousands of smaller pieces can be made into office equipment, walksticks, tool handles, birdhouses, education toys (see Essential Preschool Part 1), music instruments etc. Carpenters, manufacturers, educators, philanthropists are invited to seize the opportunity, to share ideas try:

In the next days a new article will be started, "How to Upgrade Neglected Urban Second-Growth Forest Tracts Using Only Hands and Cheap Tools, Especially an Anvil Pruner." The main strategy is to break down dead branches into four-inch or shorter fragments which are dropped on the ground to serve as mulch-- starting at the outer ends of any branch complex where the sticks are thinnest. When you get to wood too hard to break with hands, use an anvil pruner to trim it into sizes and shapes of stick that are usable for products (replacing plastic etc.) or at least ready to bundle and transport to a workshop where they can be made into products replacing ones that would have been made from wood taken from killed live large trees, or from extractive mining or agriculture which requires land obtained by killing trees, thus preventing some deforestation and climate damage.

Typewriter-compliant diagram: crater-head of single-toke semivaporizer utensil (for 25 mg. servings)[edit]

(4 x enlarged)

                          screened crater, 1/4"=6-mm)
                               interior diameter
                          ______              ______ <----- top of utensil        
                     ^          \            /
     3/16"=5-mm)     |          |x          x| ^               
    crater depth     |          |x          x| | <-xxx = preshaped Mesh#40 screen
 (to base of screen) |          |x          x| |    (securely nested on shoulder
                     v           \xxxxxxxxxx/  v    formed by crater narrowing).
                         ^       |          |       Side wireage extends up 1/8"= 
  narrower subchannel    |       |          |       3-mm) protecting crater wall
    leading to long      |       |          |       (if wood or bamboo) and adding
    extension tube       v       v          v       endurance to the screen.

Typewriter-compliant diagram of ultra-narrow screened kieftokester crater[edit]

                              7/32"(5.5 mm)
    ( 4 x )                 interior diameter
                             of hex opening 
                        ______            ______
                   ^   /      \          /      \
  3/16"(5 mm)      |   |      |x        x|      |  ^               
 crater depth      |   |      |x        x|      |  | xxx = preshaped screen
(to base of screen)|   |      |x        x|      |  | (securely nested on
                   v   |      |\xxxxxxxx/|      |  v shoulder formed by
short metal tube or    |      ||        ||      |    crater narrowing)
curled screening etc. -------->|        ||      |        
to support screen at   |      ||        ||      |            
3/16"(5-mm.) depth     |       \        /       |    ^   
                       |       |        |       |    |   narrow midchannel 
                       |       |        |       |    |   of socketpiece
                       |      /__      __\      |    v   
                       |      |  |    |  |      |
                       |      |  |    |  |      |
                       |      |  |    |  |      |  
                       |      |  |    |  |      |        
1/4"(6-mm.) o.d. --------------> |    |  |      |    
flexible drawtube      |      |  |    |  |      |         
20"(50-cm.) pressed    |      |  |    |  |      |    | optional: tape over      
in 1/4" square (driver)\______|  |    |  |______/    | this area to elim-    
(driver) end                  |  |    |  |           |   inate air leak   
 |                            |  |    |  |           |    
 |                            |  |    |  |           |
 |                            |  |    |  |           |
 v                            |  |    |  |           v


110223w Comment on website[edit]

DC, here's my thought:

a. "Brokenshire counts the high level of adulteration of drugs on the street as a measure of success." “If we give in on this, we will be expected to give in on every drug”.

The LCA can and should use the best careful language to specify that "drugs" are not meant, only cannabis; and as mentioned by Ed (January 9)-- "vapourising and toking pure"-- banishing the #1 killer drug contaminant, nicotine tobacco, from all association with cannabis use is THE game changer, given the convenient present-day strategy of the tobacco industry and its apologists in the anti-cannabis camp to promote cannabis prohibition (and high-profit nicotine enslavement) by blaming health and character damage (probably caused either by tobacco or by the under-researched possible synergies between tobacco and cannabis) on the cannabis.

b. (emphasise this most emphatically) -- the moment cannabis possession, use and PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION THEREOF are unambiguously legalised and permitted without hindrance or threat of reprisal, be assured that CANNABIS ACTIVISTS will swarm out like Mormons and Witnesses everywhere demonstrating the Toke Pure methods-- vapouriser and 25-mg.-serving-size one-hitters (see Wikipedia: One hitter (smoking): "Vaporizing with a one hitter" paragraph).

c. Apropos the latter: until about 2007 for whatever reasons no one seemed to realize that it was possible to "vapourise" with just any cheap haschischpfeife. Adverts for a "vapouriser" made of breakable glass about the size of a cigar selling on line for $24.95 or $49.95 (I forget which; it's a ripoff!) then appeared, explaining that one must hold a (50-pence) lighter about an inch under the part of the utensil where the herb was loaded, heating it to vapourisation temperatures, but not close enough to (presumably) break the precious glass. This was followed by the Vapor Genie, beautifully crafted little utensils with a "flame barrier" made of I think metal screens for $49.95 (ripoff!).

That is when the realization began dawning that the same or better could be done with any "one hitter", not at the cost of a Volcano vapouriser or even $24.95, but for pennies (please refer to How to Make Smoke Pipes From Everyday Objects).

d. Here it is time to refer to the second leg of Peter's trilogy: REGULATE-- but rather than the difficult task of regulating supply and distribution, a DOSAGE REGULATION UTENSIL actually regulates use itself! Photos, videos, cartoons, diagrams or personal demonstration of how to use a cheap 25-mg.-serving-size one-hitter utensil (suck slow) will banish ignorant recourse to hot-burning overdose cigarette papers & big wide "bowls" which destroy a high percentage of THC, deliver heat shock, carbon monoxide and combustion toxins, and invite or almost enforce the practice of "cutting" the allegedly dangerous skunkweed with toxic addictive tobacco.

I invite everyone interested in this idea to let Mr. Brokenshire et al. know that he/she/we are ready to undergo one-hitter training and pursue this Missionary Service (weedhād) until there is not one One-Hitter-Illiterate Drug "Smoking" Victim left on the planet. This will save H. M. Health Service billions and-- oh yes, in view of today's news, save Mr. Gaddafi any need to bomb any more "drug addicts".

e. "We need to reform the law, regulate supply and distribution and realise the huge benefits as a medicine, as a gentle pleasure and as a new source of billions in tax revenue. That's the way forward. Reform, regulate and realise."

To Peter's third leg, REALIZE, I would suggest adding, after "medicine" and "pleasure" and before "tax revenue", one further most important benefit: INSPIRATION. For it is not how you will feel after a toke that will co-determine the future of the planet, but what you will then find yourself capable of doing (such as, immediately hereafter, so tweaking the founding document as to make the LCA both indispensable and unbeatable).


1513 Koch (2)[edit]


Thank you for quieries. "mc" has escaped earlier celtific connaughtation of "son of" and now means world globewide corporate as in "McMuffin". Can't get more agnonymous!

The "whiyghdtknightdt" is sneaky advertising for one of our big worldwide promotions Čεscąɠω. There will be wȳȳrldwide attention drawn to painted chessboards on pavement at park entrance, Jackson/Michigan, Chicago, near where a group of old men currently actually do operate a Join In chess stand. Anticipate drawing enthused art students from nearby SAIC to win their degree by designing worldwide acclaimed intricate chess sets made of dirty old scrap wood etc. Anyone wishing to play can bring Giant Outdoor Chesspieces manufactured in their Neighborhood-- arrive, unload, valet takes car to $10 parking garage & returns to join games in progress etc.


Kerlikowske's mission appears to be to say as little as possible while appearing alert and concerned. Similarly Obama and Democrats aren't bad guys-- they try to do what's necessary to keep from getting shot.

In @Clodhopper's list of bigs-- Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Lumber, Big Law Enforcement, Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol-- who will use Koch Bros. Cash or whatever else they can get their hands on to revenge themselves on any bureaucrat or politician who lets cannabis get legalized, pay special attention to TOBACCO. This "Industry" has a worldwide empire of 1.2 billion slave puffsucker addicts (of which 45 million in USA), and continues to the present day to employ an auxiliary Slave Control Enforcement Industry (now known as the Drug War) essentially similar to that which flourished for centuries in the USA until 1863. Example: in New York 3 or 4 times as many blacks as whites per capita are arrested for cannabis, i.e. the "Drug War" alias Corrections is a creature of habit and even attacks mostly the same class of victims as it did 150 years ago under Fugitive Slave Laws.

Slaveowners are the most vindictive class of human being; legalizing cannabis in the face of Big 2WackGo today is the equivalent of founding a free-soil Cannada or Cannecticut to which a slave could escape then. Obama and Kerlikowske diddle around and say No no no today for the same reason Lincoln did until a couple of battlefield victories persuaded him the coast was clear to issue the Emancipation Proclamation (1863).

@ Moonrider: For Greens and Libertarians, the first step toward breaking the two-party Duopoly's "Captive Primary" system: promote changing election law in this country to an Open Primary/Runoff system (several types proposed-- study them!). The enlightened cannabis users of tomorrow will be intellectually capable of casting 1-2-3 preferential votes in a Presidential Primary.

  • * * *

Anonymous said... @ Brandt: the "Pass it" poster is well done, the "pass' pun properly punishing etc., but there is a Problem: you and I know that thing in the picture is a joint but it also looks like a nicotine genocide $igarette. 80% of the adult voter population in this country is non-$igarette smoking and most of them hate $igarettes (rightly so). Joints burn too hot, too fast, too much cannabinoid gets destroyed (read up on combustion, pyrolysis) before it has a chance to exvaporize, and an overdose of heat shock and carbon monoxide is delivered instead. Because of the stupid image created by joints, the ditto-heads think cannabis users are as bad as nicotine addicts, and the tobacco industry has its right wing talk show shills loudly claiming we are worse.

The three-way solution (to get our herb graded "harmless" and legalized) is:

1. Vaporizers-- there are now many brands in $200 range-- the amount of money a pack-a-day $igarette addict in New York blows away in 20 days.

2. A cannabinoid e-cigarette (vaporizes from a liquid "tincture"): one brand, "Vapor Rush", was announced in Los Angeles in June 2010, available so far only in certain local dispensaries. (For nostalgia fams, they can be made to look like a spliff, blunt etc).

3. One-hitter-- any cheap little pipe with a screened crater small enough to contain 25-mg. single servings of PREVIOUSLY SIFTED herb can function as a DIY Vaporizer!! In operation, the equal-sized sifted herb particles vaporize out cannabinoid readily; the screen prevents drawing particles down into the pipe channel. You hold a light with the top of the flame an inch or more below the opening and Suck Slow Several Seconds; temperature of air entering upon the herb is to be kept at about 385-F. Aim to turn the herb DARK (meaning dried out from removal of the vapors) before letting it start to glow.

To learn to make one-hitters, among first of billions needed worldwide, see and related articles on screens and sifting.

Converting to Vaporization technology REDUCES "consumption" (i.e. $$ waste) and will impress the ignorant masses that cannabis users are rational and trustworthy.

So here's a poster job for Brandt to do: imagine two lovers-- or just partners-- sucking at twin long flexible drawtubes emanating from a Double Toker (One-Hitter for Two). Make sure someone's hand and lighter are accurately drawn, with the top of the flame just an inch or so below the utensil opening (see text, above).

If this poster ushers in the Vapor Age, you'll get a Knowable Piece Prize and the poster will go on a postage stamp; Wilsonian-looking Keith Stroup (NORML) will be elected President; we'll all have highest quality one-toke herb for $5 an Ounce (900 tokes after sifting out tea-makings and seeds).

March 10, 2011


Bing "Cannabis Smoking" second-top ranked entry links to UKCIA page:

Smoking Cannabis You are in Culture. Smoking Cannabis. Back in 2002 the British Lung foundation (BLF) published a report called "A smoking gun" which made serious claims about the ...


Bruckner ninth completion: Kurt Eichhorn Bruckner Orch Linz (on WFMT Bill McGloghlin Show, didn't say whose editing-- William Carragan?)


  • minute 4: hornrich theme falling fourgroups
  • very slow
  • 5: speeds up to top note stop
  • 6: .- .. upward theme
  • 7: broad trumpcarrying with scurryactivity underneath
  • decline through strings
  • 8: brass downward theme slow loud over scurry
  • fades away
  • 9: alone with flutes and accomp
  • downward four groups continues four beats per themenote
  • 10: downward themetakes on brass power like 1st mvt opf 6th
  • starts growing - ... - ... -
  • 11: ends in brass upstop
  • 12: fast clickbeat low, brasses trump up
  • brass harmonies
  • single note trump announce stop
  • activity starts polyphonic
  • 13: strings jump in "cause we can do this faster than you guys"
  • a quiet then more up striving
  • 14: battle between low and high forces
  • big low brass statement
  • 15: in minor key wheels system going with upclimb
  • strong downward march one step per note quarter
  • 16: - ... - ...
  • stop
  • strings question downward
  • 17: change into exotic key with warm brass harmonies
  • 18: strings still searching for keybase
  • gratis major key soft steprisings
  • 19: getting quieter long string chords
  • strings climb high
  • stoppause
  • 20: downward four steps gets loud
  • combined with ...-
  • fades away
  • 21: two -... per measure
  • brass announcement downward theme activity below
  • 22: .... strings, total-measure brass and wind quiet chords
  • 23: some strong ...- emerging
  • 24: strong chordal orch, to final statement review of initial theme of first mvt stoppause
  • 25: quiet strings discussion
  • 26: add more orch chords behind stronger strings
  • mlre climactic first theme reworking
  • 27: answer-like downward one melodic note per measure
  • rising likewise, more woodwinds and brass
  • 28: continues into catastrophic chords as in climax of III with stoppause
  • starts slow and low in minor key and majorizes continuous drone same key with ...- prominent
  • 29: ends with slowerized ...-

ELLIS Ellis received hospitality from a tobacco company and voted AGAINST a ban on smoking in cars. Ellis received tickets to a flower show from Japan Tobacco.