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About me:[edit]

Currently working as a receptionist for an imaging company. I am studying motivation and emotion.

Please check out my topic!

Social contribution[edit]

  • Bias quiz- moodle
  • Emotional resilience in space- wikiversity. For this chapter I expressed the similarities between the chapter and my own. I added that they might find some resources on my page that would work for them too. This page was edited on the 3rd of September.
  • Living with dementia- wikiverstiy, For this chapter I suggested some guidelines and regulations that need to be followed when designing an environment for people living with dementia. I sought these guidelines because the author expressed that they were unable to find some clear regulations. This page was edited on the 31st of August.
  • Risk assessment and emotion-wikiversity. For this chapter, I suggested a journal article that I have used in my own chapter. This page was edited on the 20th of October.

Book chapter:[edit]

Psychological resilience development in children. For a while I struggled to work out the direction that I will take the chapter in, but I have decided that I will talk about how it is developed, its strengths and weaknesses, and about how psychological resilience can attribute to a successful adult life.

Contributions to the community:[edit]

I have made the following social contributions:

Expectations of this unit:[edit]

To learn about emotion and motivation (obviously), but also application of that knowledge. To gain an important insight into why decisions that are made are made.