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I'm Taylor, welcome to my page!

About me[edit]

My name is Taylor Eggleton.

I'm 21, 4th year and studying B Psychology and B Arts, majoring in Graphic Design and Japanese. すごいね!I still have a year and a half to go after this semester, but I'm learning lots and it's worth it! I'm really enjoying studying psychology, especially the biological side involving neuroimaging. I'd really like to be able to help people with mental illness once I graduate, and might pursue clinical psych to do so.

Book chapter I'm working on[edit]

I'm working on Disgust and prejudice, which will be exploring the role disgust plays in the experience of prejudice. I'm aiming to explore how much of prejudice can be explained by disgust, where biological and environmental factors come in, and what real-life cases of disgust-motivated prejudice have been like, particularly in extreme cases such as the Holocaust.

Social contributions[edit]

Feedback and edits[edit]

u3119414 - Dementia and vocally disruptive behaviour[edit]

1/9/17: Added some feedback indicating interest in dementia/disruption study, and started watching the page - also added a quick heading to organise the page whilst doing this.

19/10/17: Deleted some duplicate/redundant words and phrases to allow for better flow.

Amelia Smith-Koppie - Testosterone and dominance[edit]

1/9/17: Added a question regarding the relationship between testosterone and the disgust I've personally found many men to express in response to a homosexual advance. I'm interested in whether there's a relationship between the need for dominance and the disdain for sexual attention from another male, and whether this is related to higher levels of testosterone, because most women don't seem to have this same reaction to attention from other females.

21/10/17: Added a query regarding use of 'hypo' vs 'hyper' and whether the author had used the correct term to describe what she wanted to say.

u3066780 - Hormones and emotion[edit]

1/9/17: Added an idea about the relationship between PMS and worsened depression in women.

22/10/17: Added a suggested edit regarding use of bullet/numerical listing.

u3114890 - Multilingual motivation[edit]

1/9/17: Added some opinions and ideas regarding learning more than one language, since this is something I've chosen to do myself.

meerabsolomon - Paraphilia motivations[edit]

20/10/17: Added feedback suggesting a definition should be supplied in the overview for reader's clarity.

22/10/17: Added feedback regarding capitalisation of headings according to Wiki conventions.

RainbowUnicorn97 - Pleasure motivation[edit]

20/10/17: Added a suggestion to look into Freud's perspective on pleasure and the human strive for it.

22/10/17: Fixed a type error that had caused hyphenation.

EmmaCane28 - Ghrelin, leptin, hunger, and eating[edit]

20/10/17: Corrected punctuation.

22/10/17: Corrected spelling and punctuation.

u3119308 - Verbal aggression[edit]

22/10/17: Added feedback regarding the possibility of beginning the chapter with a story rather than heavy information in order to engage the reader.

Tahliachristoferson - Anxiety and gender[edit]

22/10/17: Added feedback regarding the use of an image which I didn't think illustrated gender differences well, then suggested an alternative image.

u3115549 - Orgasm neurology[edit]

22/10/17: Corrected a capitalisation error.

Hhajdar1996 - Procrastination benefits[edit]

22/10/17: Made edits to grammar and capitalisation.

MorganSlater - Exercise and negative emotions[edit]

22/10/17: Made edits to punctuation and capitalisation.

Edward Farrell - Overjustification effect[edit]

22/10/17: Modified capitalisation according to Wiki conventions.

RaniaLillian - Biological factors in emotional reactivity[edit]

29/10/17: Added Wikipedia links for keywords.



13/10/17: Shared an article evaluating whether motivation or self-discipline is more important for athletes.

13/10/17: Shared an article for a particular section on the importance of identifying demotivating factors - eliminating demotivators rather than trying to be motivated.

21/10/17: Shared an article about a chimpanzee's joy at seeing an old friend, providing an example of alternative animal emotionality.

26/10/17: Shared an article about the failure of young people to vote in the Marriage Equality Postal Survey, after it was revealed that despite being the largest supporters of SSM, 40% of young people still haven't voted in the survey which closes tomorrow. Why? Why can somebody support a social movement, but not enough to want to make a practical impact?

26/10/17: Shared a resource on the reasons for procrastination and how you can combat them.

26/10/17: Shared a link to Monday night's (23/10) episode of ABC's Q&A in which the SSM survey was discussed. Relevant to my book chapter and a good watch for anyone studying motivation, as panel and audience members talk about their reasons for voting yes or no and the associated thoughts, feelings and emotions.

28/10/17: Shared a blog post given to my by James in my Topic Development feedback on how to correctly use new doi format.


5/10/17: Retweeted an article about the benefits of procrastination originally posted by @JessDownes14.

21/10/17: Retweeted an article about "gloatrage", the idea that you can be simultaneously angry and thrilled when someone's behaviour is as bad as anticipated. Originally posted by @sonia_curll.

21/10/17: Retweeted an article about the potential for postpartum depression in fathers, a condition usually perceived as reserved for biological women. Originally posted by @PsychTimes..

22/10/17: Retweeted an article about the benefits of emotional eating, originally posted by @PsychToday. This involves the acceptance of emotional eating and focusing on enjoying it to get the most out of it. This draws on principles mentioned in the Reeve textbook where self-restraint actually leaves you more at risk of a binge by depleting your glucose and "willpower" (Reeve, 2016).

26/10/17: Retweeted an article summarising a study in which children were found to exhibit fear of spiders before even learning to speak - before they're told they're dangerous - suggesting an instinctive response and associated neurological expressions of emotion towards a stimulus rather than thought. Originally posted by @PsychNews.

28/10/17: Retweeted an article on confirmation bias and the way it affects reaching goals. We learned about this this unit, alongside ideas such as Bandura's concept of self-efficacy. Originally posted by @PsychToday.

Moodle forum contributions[edit]

20/10/17: Asked about referencing the textbook when talking about concepts studied in the course.

26/10/17: Commented on a post where students with extensions shared their articles for social contributions. Provided a link to my article and looked at the articles of others.

28/10/17: Asked a question while having difficulty locating articles by Albert Bandura on his social-cognitive theory.