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About me[edit]

Hi everyone! My name is Tarun Sharma. I am pursuing third year units for B.Sc. Psychology at UC. I am enjoying learning about Motivation and Emotion.

  • I am keen to complete my study and get into work as a Psychologist or may be a School Psychologist.
  • I enjoy working in schools; I have been teaching in ACT Schools since 2011.

My Chapter[edit]

I am working on a book chapter. It's title is Compliments, emotion, and motivation.

Please provide feedback on chapter talk page.

Social Contributions[edit]

Here is a list of my social contributions:


  1. 12:31, 25 August 2018 (diff | hist) (+485)‎ Talk:Motivation and emotion/Book/2018/Hope and motivation ‎ (→‎Comments)
  2. 04:17, 11 October 2018 (diff | hist) (+192)‎ (added chapter talk page on the User page for the User:Rubykentwell
  3. 04:21, 11 October 2018 (diff | hist) (+401)‎ N Talk:Motivation and emotion/Book/2018/Anorexianervosaandintrinsicmotivation ‎ (Suggested the user to add personal information on user page rather than creating the chapter itself with a comment "Hi Ruby! I have added chapter talk page to your user page as I wanted to help you in fixing your information on your user page. for the User:Rubykentwell")
  4. 04:48, 11 October 2018 (diff | hist) (+68)‎ Motivation and emotion/Book/2018/Assisted dying motivation ‎ (→‎Theory of planned behaviour) (Added wiki-link for Theory of planned behaviour) for the book chapter: Assisted dying motivation)
  5. 05:00, 11 October 2018 (diff | hist) (+203)‎ User:Luke o'mahoney ‎ (I have added titles, added wiki-link for psychology, made some spelling corrections and added a link to the user's book page.)
  6. 05:01, 11 October 2018 (diff | hist) (+1)‎ User:Luke o'mahoney ‎ (Added subtitle Wikiversity under the title Social Contributions for the user page)
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  8. 05:11, 11 October 2018 (diff | hist) (+88)‎ User:U3099910 ‎ (→‎My Chapter: Added a link to the chapter on the user page)
  9. 05:21, 11 October 2018 (diff | hist) (+19)‎ Motivation and emotion/Book/2018/Chronic pain and maladaptive behaviour ‎ (→‎What is Chronic Pain?: added wiki-link for chronic pain)
  10. 14:10, 11 October 2018 (diff | hist) (+2)‎ Talk:Motivation and emotion/Book/2018/Outdoor education and the self ‎ (→‎Interactive activity)‎ (Added a suggestion for chapter improvement: Adding an interactive activity)
  11. 16:18, 20 October 2018 (diff | hist) (+197)‎ (edited own book chapter as per the recommendations made on chapter talk page.


  1. 5:51 AM, 11 Oct 2018 - @TarunSh71245406 tweeted "Creating a book chapter on Wikiversity has been one of the most interesting things so far I have got to do while studying Psychology #emot18"
  2. 6:02 AM, 11 Oct 2018 - @TarunSh71245406 tweeted "If you are passing compliments for personal contexts, be careful to consider individual differences, as there have been interesting research studies suggesting that compliments for personal attributes can make people feel not worthy enough. #emot18"
  3. 6:08 AM, 11 Oct 2018 - @TarunSh71245406 tweeted "Sometimes overuse of compliments can undermine intrinsic motivation...... interesting learning while working on my book chapter #emot18"
  4. 6:14 AM, 11 Oct 2018 - @TarunSh71245406 tweeted "😀 Motivation and Emotions are significantly influenced by compliments...... Power of Words. I am very close to finalise my book-chapter, hopefully I will get some helpful ideas for editing and improving. #emot18"
  5. 10:40 PM, 11 Oct 2018 - @TarunSh71245406 tweeted "Posted a video #emot18"

Canvas Forum Posts[edit]

  1. 0:27 am 12 October 2018 - added a new discussion topic seeking feedback on book-chapter.
  2. 0:32 am 12 October 2018 - added a reply to the post seeking feedback on book-chapters.
  3. 07:53 pm 12 October 2018 - replied to the comment for helpful feedback.