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Firs read w:Quantum suicide and immortality

The official quantum immortality say's that a sentient experimenter will always survive with some non zero probability. Hence he is immortal. You jump in a volcano, you survive, it doesn't try to look more then that.

According to me, this "immortality", is very constrained, they are still rules to be followed. Its not a blank check to do anything he wants, like a spoiled child. Its very interesting to note how probabilities get deformed from normal. There is no certainty in results, its only the certainty you survive, it doesn't tell you in what state you survive though. Furthermore, the probabilities you perceive are not simply the possibilities you survive at an event. You perceive probabilities that maximize your long term survival( you don't perceive anything when you die). Your present, makes sense, only if you exist (deep) in the future to remember it.

So a quantum immortal, most probably(no certainty), he will see in his past, probabilities that maximize his present and future survival. Normally ridiculously improbable events are still ridiculously improbable to a quantum immortal. They can happen, but probably, his life will be saved by something more plausible. By this mechanism, some information, can leak back to him from his future, at his past and present. Since he knows he will survive in the long run, with the most plausible events physically available.

With an example: A naive assumption, would be that if you play in the russian roulette 100 times, you win all of them. First, theres the very high possibility you "survive" an attempt. Even if you arrange a russian roulette variant where you die for "sure". The probability, that the "sure" mechanism fails and you "survive" is higher then going to the end of 100 russian roulettes. On top of that, for your long term survival, getting the message that its ok to casually play 100 time the russian roulette is fine, will make you extremely careless, thus reducing the futures where you are alive. The futures where you are alive are more numerous with presents where you "survived", making you prudent. We could even imagine that the immediate probability of surviving unharmed the russian roulette, is lower then normal for the quantum immortal, because theres less of him in the future to recall surviving unharmed, by his lack of prudence. In other words, in the reference frame of a quantum immortal, there will be a bias towards "surviving" over wining a russian roulette. Its not just, the possibilities that he dies in an attempt, that are discounted. This bias, is a form of leak from the future.

Quantum immortality is not simply a variant of quantum suicide. Quantum suicide is about surviving nuclear explosions, surviving jumping in volcanoes, etc... In quantum immortality, past events reduce the probability that you will get nuclear warheads exploding right next to you or jump in volcanoes. The most probable way to survive the experience of nukes and volcanoes, is simply not to experience them.

A quantum immortal, will perceive the universe, as "trying" to "survive him", through the above mechanisms. The rob is, that the "universe", will do this in an extremely lazy manner. The lazy, slight improbability mechanism, exhibit a god like behavior, over the quantum immortal. The mechanism, works through butterfly effect like biases. Spread deep in to the past, if its 10.000 years ago, it needs shallower interventions, then if its 10 seconds ago. If its 1000 years ago, for an event today, it doesn't matter. The mechanism, is super ubber smart, but super ubber lazy. Over 1000s of years, the biases get amplified to the required levels. This way, it can afford to be as little interventionist as possible. Events, seem, to naturally unfold, since time imemorable, to deliver there packages, like they always were.