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(fix the formating latter)

various ideas on political reforms.


Fractionairy votes for people with no current voting right (the bellow 18, criminals, foreigners, etc). In short, absolutely everybody has a voting right in absolutely all elections, the exact voting strength may vary depending on circumstances.

Its just numbers, it can be easily negotiated how the voting strength decreases with a decreasing parameter. Depending on negotiation, the curve could be anything. Depending on the crime, time of stay, eu citizens, or any other consideration.

For example, if you are 17, now you have 0 vote, it can change to ... 1/2 vote. EU citizens gain a fractionairy vote in state elections. Foreigners get a small fraction, depending on how long they are there.


Non uniform reduction of punishments. If the copyright violation is on 74 year old copyright, the penalty should be far less then if it a 1 year old copyright. The exact degration is up for negotiation, it can be any curve.

European union

Rename CFSP and CSDP to EFSP and ESDP

Create eastern Euro at parity with western Euro.

EU treaty reform ideas

EU treaty reform ideas

Council of Europe/European Union

They should join CoE

Japan, Korea, Cape Verde.

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya(?) and any country of the region with successful regime change. Remains to be seen, if the 2011 revolutions will hold.

they should try to join the EU in more long term.

Ripple Implementing Ripple would be great.