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1 Neural networks (User:Super Quantum immortal)

Neural nets. A new model of the brain, proposed as new overarching theory in psychology. By studying the bulk behavior of neural nets, we attempt to extrapolate to the "macroscopic" scale, similar strategy as in thermodynamics .

2 Psychology examples (User:Super Quantum immortal)

More psychology examples than you probably want to read, reinterpreted under the new model.

3 Sociology (User:Super Quantum immortal)

The new model, applied in sociology. Radioactive conclusion: For the last 5 million years we had the exact same sexual behaviour as the bonobos (promiscuity, bisexuality, paedophilia, incest). In the last 60-10.000 years, the process of development of modern civilisation replaced this sexual behaviour by religion, and today by consumerism. In modern times, we gradually go back to "normal", the bonobo "normal".